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Rihanna targets Karrueche Tran with racial slur

Rihanna. It's just a thug's life.
Rihanna. It's just a thug's life.

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Rihanna has done it again – only one week after attacking a fan for her looks on Twitter, Rihanna has now unleashed a racist attack on Chris Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

On Friday evening Rihanna tweeted the words “ima make u my bitch” followed by an image of a package of Rice Cakes dressed in sunglasses and earrings – the same look that Brown’s girlfriend Karruecehe Tran was seen wearing. It’s also good to point out that in the new remix of “Birthday Cake” which features Chris Brown, Rihanna says she’s “sweeter than a rice cake.”

Rihanna is seriously that girl you see out on the street who will fight and harass the woman that her man cheated on her with, rather than going after the dude. All she ever tweets about is “cunt this,” “dick that,” “pussy this,” “haterz that” I mean seriously? You’re hating on/shading on the girlfriend of the dude that beat you up three years ago, who you claim to be “just friends” with.

Rihanna is your typical triflin’ hoodrat on the street, the only difference is she somehow made it into the public eye. She is, in my opinion, beyond vile and well past due for another ass whoopin’.

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  1. I was a big Rihanna fan but Im taken back by her racist tweet. If KT said racist stuff then shame on her too! Bt Ri, not only does CB NEEDS help, so do u child! Maybe Ri witness domestic violence growning up n feels its ok to accept tht kinda treatment..SMH i believe n second chance bt Got dayam!!

  2. “As good as she does?” HAHA! That girl looks like a man.. and that’s AFTER the money and all the makeup. Wow you worshipers are seriously in a daze over this trashy broad. Exemplified by the fact that you replied to THAT comment LOL.. three months after the fact! So since we’re being really late and all… WHEN WILL Y’ALL WAKE UP?! “Please” go take a nap.

  3. i don’t give shit what chris brown girlfriend say to rihanna i hate ri she really needs to grow up i thought ri knows batter but she doesn’t get over it ri move on with your carzy life you had

  4. You’re stupid, and you probably don’t even come close to looking as good as she does. Please have a seat.

  5. Karrueche Tran started. She made racial jokes toward hispanic or Caribbean people. Its on youtube. The mother fucker even made fun of other Asian like Japanese Chinese. She is just a Vietnamese shit and no better than Japanese nor Chinese

  6. im a caribbean person myself and im not saying either of the two is right , but I still think rihanna is really obnoxious though and a bad representation of us

  7. she didn’t jus disrespected her she did Caribbean people on a whole an I bet if it was a black person talking smack abt a white person they would b considered as racist bt nw that she has retaliated she’s a hood rat well its life an no matter watt people will always talk…bt wat ever they decide to do with each other is there business get back together r not they need to do what makes them happy…

  8. I think Karrueche has been carrying herself with class and not getting caught up in the BS drama with the Rihanna fans. I like some of Rihanna’s music, but she comes across with no class. Her lyrics are dirty and whorish but if that sells her music. kudos to her. I think she has no respect for Chris Brown and his relationship with Karrueche because Rihanna has no respect for herself. She was controlling and jealous and Karrueche somehow is able to not fly off di handle and be checking her man’s phone. Karrueche seems to be a good friend and not overjealous about Chris. She has her priorities straight. Your man is not your property.Have fun enjoy life and thank God for the blessings and just remember your man is not the cake, he is just the icing. Karrueche may the best woman win and you got my vote. Ignore the haters,do not stoop to the trifling level of Rihanna and I love your saying,”U r ray charles to the bullshit.” Your life is blessed with or without Chris Brown.

    May Chris Brown conduct himself with class and not engage in stupid public outbursts. Chris, remember there will always be haterz, pay them no mind, in time they will love u so much, u may need new haterz.

    Rihanna u seem to be hellbent on doing what you want and you don’t give a shit but honey I am praying for you, that you will love yourself so much and not worry about having someone to share your life with and how lonely it is at the stop. Girl develop meaningful friendships, go out, have fun and pray and one day when you least expect it, love will come and also respect from a worthy partner God sends your way. Do not be in a hurry for anything or anyone.

  9. Not a Rihanna fan at all since she’s gone completely nuts but I did see the video of Karreuche making fun of her. So in all honesty, this is probably less about Chris Brown and more about that YouTube video.

  10. Both of them are sort out of out of place fighting over CB ….. He’s the man and Im pretty sure he has more woman than the two of them! Go Breezy ….. you can beat her a$$ and she still acts like an idiot in public over you…. wow it must be good to you RIH!

  11. Then both of them are making fools of themselves. I personally thought Rihanna had more class than that but Oops!!!! Im just saying

  12. Really …. Get your head out of RI RI’s behind …… You’re so far up in there I can see your a$$!!!!! Im just saying!

  13. Everything is a “racial slur” these days what a bunch of BS. Sick of it, if it helps them, they cry Race at the drop of a hat.

  14. U people get on my nerves defending Rihanna like it said she is just a hood rat that made it. U can see it stop being blinded my the music and money. Still a hood rat!

  15. If it wasn’t for Rihannna. People like you wouldn’t have ish to blog about. If you would’ve done some research. Hmm, maybe on You Tube perhaps…. “YOU!” would see that little twat started this racial ish. Your No better than Karrueche with stereotype casting. Calling Rihanna a hoodrat?!? Never wouldve called her that if she was white! Gtf out of here! Rihanna could give a flying fck less about what your thoughts are about her. Whatever she does as far as CB is “HER” business! She has forgiven him! Whatever happens in the future is not for YOU to be fckn Cleo! She’s getting paper! She is real woman. She doesn’t worry about dumb ish on the net. Quit h8tn biatch!


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