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Whit Fall/Winter 2012: Nostalgia for Pop culture.

Photography by John Wenrich. Whit Fall/Winter 2012.
Photography by John Wenrich. Whit Fall/Winter 2012.

Regardless as to whether the 1969 moon landing of Apollo 11 was a hoax or not, its occurrence had a drastic and lasting impact on culture- and when culture shifts, fashion follows suit.

WHIT found inspiration for her F/W 2012 collection through nostalgia for pre-moon landing pop culture, before a considerable change in ideals and attitudes. Structured metallic miniskirts and shift dresses that Mary Quant would applaud were intertwined with long, loose printed silk pieces- fully encompassing the drastic hemline shifts of the 60s. Tailored pieces such as a slim pantsuit nodded toward the future, a topic commonly discussed and romanticized as the decade came to its close.

WHIT’s background in costume design is evident in the intricate accessorizing and attention to hair and make-up. Some of the shoes were flats, which seems unusual, but WHIT is considering what a real person would actually wear. Sometimes we wear heels, and sometimes we want to wear flats- fashion, after all, IS our personal, daily costume.

We caught up with the designer, Whitney Pozgay, after the show. I was interested in the juxtaposition of the “twiggy with a twist” bob, and the large, high buns. She had such a warm and welcoming energy about her when she answered, “We thought it would be fun to do a little bit of a militant look with the bobs, but also a saucer ‘space-ship’ look with the girls with the longer hair- we thought, if you had to pick two looks in space, we wanted to keep it consistent.” Which is interesting, as the two prominent hairstyles of the 60s were the short bob, or the long mane- and WHIT found a way to make them her own!

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