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Qantas Airlines aborts flight after passenger complains of strange smell which turns out to be a a baby’s diaper.


Sometimes the most inconvenient and nastiest things can get in the way of a pleasant flight. Point in case, the following high drama somewhere over the skies of Australia kids….

dailymail.co.uk: Qantas were forced to ground one of their domestic flights after passengers began complaining over the smell of a dirty diaper. 

Flight 825 was en route to Brisbane from Darwin when travellers caused a stir over the odor

The pilot was forced to land the plane in Mount Isa, approximately 1,152 miles from the original destination.

Oops, I wonder what odor that could be? Anyone have any ideas? A rotting engine ready to fall off? A fire in cargo? Or simply a stacked nappy some parent who should’ve told the crew but was too embarrassed who had tried flushing the remnants of their child’s lunch literally down the drain, to no great avail….

Upon deciding to emergency land the plane, the crew to the chagrin came up with the reason for the smell- ‘a  smelly nappy dumped in the fwd toilet.’ 

Reiterated a Qantas official: 

[It’s] very embarrassing for us all at [Qantas], but, better safe than sorry.’

Indeed…one supposes QANTAS crew will eventually be able to discern the smell of baby poo as opposed to a potential leaked fuselage….but of course to be fair, such things do take time….

Having made the precautionary landing, passengers were removed from the plane by a forklift and switched to a new craft where they continued to Brisbane.

Meanwhile, their original plane underwent the necessary checks before it joined the commuters in the capital with their luggage.

Oh dear, isn’t it nice to know that sometimes the world still revolves around the needs of a baby….