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Why did Vogue Italia pull aside this picture of super model Karlie Kloss?


Was it just a preemptive move on Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia’s Editor in Chief to deflate outcry about using a preternaturally thin model (now that she’s been championing fuller body models) or was she fearing that the photo betrayed a photo shop trick?

Since the debut of the 16 page Karlie Kloss spread as shot by perennial favorite Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia fashionistas across the board have been applauding the pictorial, but then something happened this morning. There were only 15 pages, with Vogue Italia pulling aside the image below. Which once again raises the question why? Was Franca Sozzani afraid she’d get called out for photoshopping, for favoring thin models or perhaps the simple explanation that it was just an awkward shot that magnified Karlie’s flat wide hips in a way that would be a bit hard for most to digest. Which goes to show fashion is getting more political than ever, after all shocking and impressing it seems only works as long as it doesn’t cross a certain bar. Go figure…

It’s time to see Vogue Italia’s latest contribution to the androgynous …

Vogue Italia is now sporting 3 plus size models on its July cover.

The Changing tide in Fashion. What’s going on?

Knowing you would be curious to see the other pictures Steven Meisel shot we decided to put together the other images that did make it on the VogueItalia website:

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