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Brother and sister savagely beat up their mother after she throws out their beer.


Was confiscating the beer that was the straw that broke the horse’s back or just a situation that brother and sister were simply just too into their beer to do without it?

bnd: Brittany M. Ferguson, 20, and Lindell K. Ferguson, 18, both of Fayetteville, have each been charged with multiple counts of domestic battery in connection with an incident that left their 42-year-old mother bleeding, scratched and bruised in their Fayetteville home, according to St. Clair County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Hundelt.

According to authorities, by the time they arrived at the family house, the siblings had already fled leaving their mother bleeding profusely from the nose (yep- that will teach mom with getting in the way of the kid’s fun drink along sessions…blah) with her left eye swollen and bruised, her arms littered with scratches and cuts.

According to the child’s mother, she threw out the beer, which in this instance was Bud Light cause her daughter wasn’t of legal drinking age.

The siblings as of press remain in jail for failure to come to come up with bail of $10 000 (at least mom gets the last laugh- right?)

So much for dysfunctional families.