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Wilhelmina Models launches search for women over 40.


Is it suddenly all right to be beautiful and an older woman?

Perhaps in a sign that the fashion industry is reeling from over exposure of using too young models, Wilhelmina has decided to launch a search for women over 40. Which either proves to us- that woman are finally beginning to liberate themselves and not be held to unrealistic expectations (of being forever young) or where there’s money to be made a new idea will be spawned…

styleite: Yesterday we attended a lunch to celebrate the kickoff of the search, which runs until May 24 and is co-sponsored by Macy’s and Miraclesuit. We totally dig the idea, meant to inspire and empower women over the age of 40. Though applicants can enter online, they can also attend any of the four casting calls being held around the country. (FYI: The first is being held from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday at Wilhelmina’s New York headquarters.)

Which reminds us of a story we recently ran about fashion houses reverting to older models of yesteryear, which had us wondering if the houses were really sincere or just being opportunistic by using brand names of yesteryear who just happened to be older now.

Should you win Wilhelmina’s competition, this is what you have in store for you:

A contract with Wilhelmina (where they’ll join the ranks of Carol Alt and Beverly Johnson), a Miraclesuit photo shoot and a makeover courtesy of Dancing with the Stars costume designer Randall Christensen. Not a bad gig, huh?

Not a bad gig, if we can believe it and see the industry taking some definitive and healthy change in attitude.