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Are you about to buy flip flops like President Obama’s?


Will the president re define foot fashion and world politics?

It seems the country is chaffing at the collar today in response to images of President Obama pouncing the beat in flip flops. Yes – we said it – flip flops and frankly style experts and political pundits are trying to figure out if this suggest any overt or implied messages and if on some level the prez has bastardized the highest levels of public office?

huffingtonpost: He stepped out in the footwear to grab shave ice on the last day of his vacation (check out an image HERE) and various historians told the newspaper that they couldn’t recall other leading men making the style same statement.

Presidential historian Doug Wead remarked, “In public, no. I haven’t seen the president’s toes,” adding, “It makes him look like a man of the people, and they [his advisers] probably like that it’s an informal and inexpensive shoe.”

An informal and inexpensive shoe? Is that to say we would feel more comfortable if Barack Obama was waltzing in hand beaten soft leathers? But then again, how would we feel if he decided to waltz in hightops and even more intriguingly sagging jeans past his waist? Would we hold Barack Obama in more servitude for being able to do his own thing, especially on holiday, and immediately follow suit or would we recriminate him because if anyone is supposed to bear the ‘look’ of officiadom and getting it together – it ought to be our president, even if deep down in our imaginations we all know he has toes and sweats when it gets exceedingly hot like the rest of us?

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