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Donald Trump’s announcement is lampooned by Barack Obama on Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight show.’

Barack Obama on NBC's Tonight show last night.


Barack Obama on NBC's Tonight show last night.

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‘This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya together…’

It seems Donald Trump‘s big secret announcement has hardly ruffled President Barack Obama after he went on Jay Leno‘s ‘Tonight show‘ last night and made light of Donald Trump’s ‘earth shattering’ announcement that was suppose to rock the political world but in instead ended up lobbing egg yolk all over the Don’s face.

Speaking on The Tonight Show, Obama told Jay Leno that the rivalry between began in their childhood. ‘This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya,’ he joked. ‘We had constant run-ins on the soccer field, he wasn’t very good.’

To date the Don’s ‘major announcement’ has been widely lampooned on twitter (see some examples below) with many now agreeing that if anyone was upstaged by the whole ‘big announcement’ it was the Don himself.

With many on the edge of their seats with predictions that the big announcement included news of a divorce between Barack Obama and Michelle Obama or the assertion that there was now proof to back up the story that Mr Obama had once regularly used cocaine and even sold it at college Mr Trump’s eventual announcement in essence amounted to a huge let down forcing many to wonder what the ‘showman’ was really up to in the first place?

Either way one has to wonder how the political process has regressed to a kind of inane name calling, baiting and shrill accusations that in the end does little to address the wide social and economic issues that imperil most who live here in the United States, something that may suit the plutocrats who many argue have already bought the election to begin with and of course the side show that comes with that….

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  1. “Obama is the most transparent president of all time.” -Trump’s quote of 2012.

    There are no proof that he is hiding anything. When a person wants to run for president, they absolutely have to show proof. Check and Balance must take place in the three branches of government. That is why there are no criminals/mobster from another country running for the presidential position. Trump is absolutely mistaken and struck with grief that his couterpart “rich Republican CEO like” friend lost the presidential debate a week ago. Thus, I believe that you, Trump should not treat him differently from other prior presidents that have taken office as president of the United States.

    For instance, George W. Bush could have been called the most transparent president too due to the fact that he did not reveal all of the information wanted by the general public like birth certificate, college grade transcript, and passport. Just because of Obama’s party preference and color. Let me ask the public, How many presidents from 1989 to 2008 showed their birth certificate or college transcript. That is a valuable question because the answer would be less than one.

    Overall, I want to announce to the whole world reading this precise and unoffensive comment that Trump’s action is not considered professional and somewhat kind of “childish”. “You might be rich, but you hold no power to challenge the Federal Government or the Chief Executive”. -Commenter’s Quote

    If Trump reads this, Here

    ” I will give you 100 dollars to the charity of your choice, Trump if you give your high school and college report card” America will be proud of you if you release your information. Then, I can make a fool out of you.” PUT TRUMP IN THIS SITUATION. PUT TRUMP WHEN HE IS TRYING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT WHILE HE HAS ONE F IN HIS ECONOMIC CLASS IN COLLEGE.

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