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Donald Trump goes on David Letterman and announces he will shell out more money for Barack Obama’s transcripts.

Donald Trump on the David Letterman show.


Donald Trump on the 'Late Show' with David Letterman.

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The Don will not be bamboozled thank you very much…

In case there are those of you who think Donald Trump was white washed off the face of the earth pursuant to media commentators and twitter commentators lambasting the Don as a zealous pompous car salesman who has outstayed his welcome (and then there was of course  President Barack Obama‘s hilarious rebuke) think again….

nydailynews: Donald Trump took his obsession with President Obama’s background to a new level with an appearance on CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman” on Thursday night.

One day after his “bombshell” announcement that he would donate $5 million to the charity of Obama’s choice if the President would release his college transcripts and passport records, Trump told Letterman he would be willing to shell out even more dough.

“I assume and I hope that his records are perfect,” Trump said. “He picks up $5 million for charity. $5 million. From me. Immediate. Check written. I’d even go more to be honest; there, you have a scoop.”

A scoop? Even more money thrown at the table? Is this like a poker player whose bluff has been called and is now egging to take another roll of the die cause he can’t admit that the idea in his head just might be wrong?

But just in case you think the Don is just loony tunes (well he has a fantastic showman after all) one reader offered this comment which caught my attention:

Trump is a genius. He has forced the Obama lovers to ask themselves a simple question: if the Annointed One has nothing to hide about how he got into (and paid for) his tenure at Columbia–then why doesn’t he just release the transcripts. 

This is a simple thing having NOTHING to do with hair nor Romney’s tax returns. 

And NOT ONE Obama lover will answer the question.