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Source reckons Donald Trump set to reveal divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama.

Donald Trump with Mitt Romney whom he has openly endorsed....
Donald Trump with Mitt Romney whom he has openly endorsed....

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Real estate tycoon and general all round media personality Donald Trump and some would say ‘imbecile loudmouth’ (that would probably be President Barack Obama) came out Monday with an announcement boasting that he had something very important to release on incumbent Democrat president Barack Obama who is fending off Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s run for the presidential office.

Said Mr Trump at the time his announcement would be ‘bordering on the gigantic‘ and had the very real possibility of ‘possibly’ changing the outcome of the nearing Presidential election. The effect of yesterday’s announcement was in essence to leave a nation in spellbound and wondering what Mr Trump had up his sleeve and as many speculated as a clever guise to once again put himself in the national spotlight, something that carnivore media whores are inclined to do here and there to keep themselves foremost in the public’s greater consciousness.

That said it seems it has now become apparent what it was that Mr Trump was meant to reveal tomorrow but it seems either through collusion with or tacit acceptance, long time friend and admirer author and investor Douglass Kass has now let the cat out of the bag.

Reports the UK’s dailymail: Douglas Kass, a Florida-based investor who appears on CNBC’s talkshow ‘Squawkbox’ where Trump is often a commentator, tweeted to his 48,000 followers: ‘High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife.’ 

So this is the big secret that Donald Trump has in store for us tomorrow? Why frankly did he need to wait until tomorrow to let us all in with the ‘big news?’ Surely we’d still all be cheering and gushing for our face blushers to wipe off the tears had we all been told yesterday?

And in case you think this is breaking news, the dailymail writes the following:

The claims about divorce papers have previously been made in a book released earlier this year by author Ed Klein. The White House rubbished the allegations then and claimed Klein had a history of making things up.

Which begs the question why is Donald Trump rehashing stuff that has already been negated by the White house before? Are there divorce record proceedings that Mr Trump has suddenly come about and he wishes to share with us? This from the same man who has repeatedly come after Mr Obama about the legitimacy of whether he was actually born in the United States (laws stipulate that only individuals born in the US can run for office) only to be rebuffed last year when Mr Obama finally produced a long hand birth certificate to put the matter to rest (only to be later accused that it was forged anyway).

Speaking of divorce, haven’t Mr Trump’s divorces all been messy affairs unto on themselves? Not that it ever really mattered, cause at least turned that into a fantastic comedy show for our collective amusement and disbelief….

Supposing if any of this were true the next question one ought to ask themselves is how would a purported consideration of divorce between Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during their 20 years of marriage suppose to affect Mr Obama’s ability to govern? Since when did a consideration of an individual’s private affairs affect their ability to run for office?

Look over there in Europe and you will often find presidents who have even admitted to having had affairs even with their wive’s complicit knowledge, not that President John F Kennedy one of the most lauded presidents in US history fared too badly for his behind his back behavior against his wife Jacky Onassis who later went on to marry a Aristotle Onassis after her husband was assassinated.

Reflects one commentator on the web: Me thinks Donald Trump’s hair piece is to tight stemming the blood flow to his brain. What has it got to do with the presidential election. Did anyone dish any dirt when he got divorced? Grow up man, school ground tactics and politics don’t go together.

And then there was comment too that made my hair singe on fire:

TRUMP TRUTH: Donald Trump is an Illuminati Puppet. He is NOT his own man. Do not believe the hype. Donald Trump does NOT have the money he claims to have, which is why he has been turned into a Plutocratic Puppet to mouth talking points for the Illuminati because the Apprentice gave him street cred with the “Average Joe”. TRUMP is essentially a “LICENSE” or BRAND placed on properties that appear to be TRUMP Properties but which are owned by foreign entities and investors. He got behind Mitt Romney because he was TOLD to do so. Trump was in such severe debt in the 1990’s that he had a negative net worth. Do you really think if he was worth 10 Billion Dollars he would spend his time doing a TV show? Consider that many very affluent people do not want this level of attention of fame or notoriety due to their wealth. TRUMP makes himself the outspoken semi-likable to knuckleheads “rich guy” so in a way he “humanizes” wealth and can project messages to the middle and lower classes to manipulate them.




  1. The stupid a$$ “Combover” (as he’s called) is desperate for attn. and to repair the damage that he did last wk. so, now he just desperately grasping at straws. What an a$$hole!

  2. I like the Clinton’s… I don’t care if Obama’s had a moment in time when they wanted to divorce, it’s their private issue.

    I do care that Romney wants to make the rich even richer and forget about the poor

  3. Your an idiot why do you give so much a fuck about a divorce that did not happen and is not going to happen… I’m sure you have a shit load of dirt yourself far more than the president… How many men have you slept with and sucked off… WHO the fuck gives a damn… EVERYONE! Has dirt and as long as the man is not a criminal a divorce that did not happen is not a big deal… How many presidents have cheated on there wife? How many scandals have there been with past presidents…

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