Home Pop Culture Anti Obama tweet about moving to Australia leads to twitter backlash.

Anti Obama tweet about moving to Australia leads to twitter backlash.

Kristen Neel.
Kristen Neel is not having a good week....
Kristen Neel.
Kristen Neel is not having a good week....

It seems one Georgian teen, Kristen Neel got more than she bargained for when she presumably tweeted just another frustrated tweet about how awful it was that Barack Obama was once again returned to office and how now as a consequence it was time for her and any self respecting conservative American to call it a day and move to Australia (see below tweet).

Move to Australia that is because their president is ‘Christian’ and because ‘he’ actually supports what he says. All of which hardly sat too well with most Australians cause that bixch Neel really messed things up, as Australia’s president is not a president but a prime minister, not Christian, but atheist and even worse she’s not even a he but a she.

Kristen Neel tweet.
Kristen Neel tweet.

By now a sitting duck, Neel’s tweet was doing more rounds at the clobbering alley than a 15 percent price discount on a Friday night for your favorite hooker.

How brutally was Neel savaged you wonder? Gently get up and open your favorite bottle of wine, fill your glass to the brim and slowly enjoy the following rebukes below, as the sounds of Neel drowning in her own stupor and ignorance can be heard from the other room…

As an aside it might amuse some of you to know that some on twitter lept to Neel’s defense (yes Mitt Romney we know it was you) but nevertheless a day after Neel made her miraculous presence she had just as quickly gone away as she quietly deleted her account. Can anyone guess why…?

From twitter and below a sampling of reader comments that brought a rueful smile to my face (and I assume yours too).

Kristen Neel twitter
Kristen Neel twitter

Kristen, If you’re looking for a religious leader who sticks to their convictions, may I suggest Iran? I hear the weather is lovely this time of year.


But then she’d be surrounded by a bunch of non-whites, and that tends to make ‘her type’ a bit queasy.


Way to fulfill the ignorant American stereotype! Thanks Kristen! When you decide to move I’ll be happy to help you pack, good luck finding a country that would want you, perhaps you’d be happy in a theocracy, I hear Iran could use some great thinkers.
Another shining example of a red state education…along with science, history, health, and math they also apparently skip geography, civics and current events. How embarrassing.


A statement like this runs up against the cold fact that all the stuff she loves about America are exactly the things that almost no other nation on earth has. Such as, no universal health care. Skimpy social safety net. Unlimited availability of guns. Overflowing prisons full of people who committed non-violent offenses. A compulsion for politicians to claim they’re devout Christians and to force Christian beliefs on everyone.

So yeah, she could move to Australia, or Canada, or the UK, or like, any other nation that mostly speaks English. But she probably wouldn’t like it.


She could move to the Philippines. 90% of the population is Christian, they have a President and religion is actively a political force here.

Though, she’d have to deal with soul-crushing poverty, high crime, an ineffective and corrupt legislative/executive system… oh and reduced rights and privileges as both an individual and as a woman. You know, everything that Christianity as posited by the Republicans stands for!


She lives in Georgia, is attractive and so long as she doesn’t get addicted to meth, she will continue to look good, marry the love of her life and pop out a few ultra right wing redneck babies that will continue the cycle of ignorance.

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  • Man….she found out the hard way to never drag another country into her “I’m leaving because I couldn’t get my way” temper tantrums.

  • bearfoot33

    your analysis is a bit of a stretch. i suspect you’re a figment too!

  • Guest

    Look, there are plenty of dumb people in the world, but I have yet to see a single story that even confirms that Kristen Neel exists beyond a picture and a self-description on a Twitter account. All of these sources cite the Herald-Sun, which in turn cites the Twitter account. All of the pictures of Neel on various sites are . . . the picture from the Twitter account.

    The amount of joke Twitter accounts that claim to be teenaged girls and offer over-the-top commentary is . . . there’s a lot of them.

    I’m just saying – recently Australians’ prime minister was in the news in the United States, and there was a lot of focus on how that person was both a woman and an atheist, and how Australia doesn’t have a president. This Tweet seems a little over-primed to provoke.