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Joshua Ashby Gets Jail time for Posting Facebook Photos of his Ex-Girlfriend


20-year-old New Zealander, Joshua Simon Ashby has been sentenced to four months in the slammer for distributing indecent material after pleading guilty, Friday, to charges that he’d posted a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend online for all her frenemies to see in an act of drunken Facebooking.

The NY Daily News reported: The act of online revenge was one of several charges to which the young man pled guilty. He was also accused of threatening to kill, willful damage, theft and assault.

The case marks the first time a Facebooker will serve a prison sentence for posting naked pictures of his ex on the social networking site. (If anything, it’s kind of surprising it doesn’t happen more often.)

Sources say Ashby, who know his ex-lover’s password (a mark of true intimacy, no doubt) posted the photo to her Facebook page, altered the privacy settings so anyone could see it, then changed the password so the unnamed woman couldn’t remove it.

Ashby had also sent text messages to his lover stating, “I’m going to kill you, burnt two of her dresses, pushed her on the ground, and destroyed her cellphone. But the question remains as to whether Ashby would even have been caught had he not resorted to whoring both her and himself out with his peculiar, if not savage, type of next generation of 2.0 harassment. Still, what is this attraction for criminals these days which leads them to continually use social networking to lead to their own capture? Does not web 2.0 and social media lead to heretofore unparalleled levels of self-destruction?

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