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37 year old Lori Darling David will soon be going to jail for sending naked pictures of herself to her 16 year old son’s class mate.

' One day the hot flushes will eventually subside...I promise'

' One day the hot flushes will eventually subside...I promise'

Lori Darling David has a ‘thang’ for her son’s best friend…

In the latest scandal of parents misbehaving we take a detour to Katy, Texas, where we get to meet Lori Darling David– a married mother of a 16 year old boy, whose class mate she happens to have a hot sweaty rush for. In the event you are in the mood to take a few pictures of your naked self and send them to your son’s class mate we suggest you follow us ….

DailyMail.Co.Uk: A married mother is facing jail after allegedly sending nude pictures of herself to one of her son’s classmates.

Lori Darling David, 37, of Katy, Texas, is said to have befriended the 16-year-old boy on Facebook before bombarding him with flirty e-mails and text messages.

On one occasion she allegedly went further and sent him two pictures of herself completely naked.

Kids, we don’t know about you, but we’re kind of blushing ourselves, not to mention the chipmunks we keep in the corridor who help us scope all the salacious behavior south of the border. But of course it only gets nasty. How nasty? Let’s roll out of our pajamas and find out…

Police were called in when the horrified boy’s parents stumbled across the emails and David was arrested where she made a full confession.

She has been charged with online solicitation of a minor and after appearing in court has been bailed on $200,000.

$200 000? Kids, do you happen to have a spare $200 000 lying around to partake in your fantasy? Frankly between us and the mortified chipmunks we can only raise a few spare used peanut shells.

But how did all the cutesy foot playing really all begin? Let’s roll back to the start of our adventure…

Blonde David met her alleged victim for the first time three years ago but allegedly crossed the line when she volunteered at the city’s Taylor High School which he and her son attended.

According to court documents, their relationship rapidly went beyond what was appropriate in September and October this year.

‘The two began to communicate via Facebook, e-mail and text messaging each other on a regular basis,’ the court documents said.

‘The complainant stated the conversations would often be sexual in nature, and on the 14th of October, he received nude images of the defendant.’

And that of course was the night the complainant and our chipmunks passed out…

When the alarm was raised the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children and Harris County Sheriff’s Office raided David’s home and arrested her.

One day when David, our hero comes walking out of her jail cell she will suddenly think to herself wouldn’t it all have been easier if only she hadn’t given in to some 16 year old boy some 21 years ago…