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Lourdes Ciccone to become a cover model.


What makes mother happy.

Now that Lourdes is 13, an already established designer, video dancer and rising protege, Madonna’s little treasure is now moving onto magazine covers. Such it seems is the life of uber talented little girls and the help that their fantastically well connected mothers give.

The DailyMaily explains:

She’s already appeared in a video clip and designed a range of clothes: now Madonna’s daughter is a cover girl too. Lourdes, who is just 13, fronts the July issue of Europe’s Quality magazine looking like a definite star in the making.

When I was 13 I was busy having nightmares and still wetting my pants, but then again I’m not Madonna’s little girl.

But there’s little doubt it is the first of many more covers to come.

Lourdes, who is also known as Lola, has her eyes set on the silver screen and has enrolled in the New York acting school made famous by child star Macaulay Culkin, Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Acting school? She’s not acting now? But why bother with proving you have talent to land all those million dollar deals and have mommy make a couple of phone calls for you. That way everyone could hurry up and make more money.

But there’s more:

The young Kabbalahist is studying at the Manhattan School of Acting and was approached over a year ago to appear in film The Secret Life Of Bees.

She turned down the part because her mother didn’t want her getting into the business so young.

No, 13 is kind is of young. After all, it wasn’t before I turned 17 that I eventually could hold onto my bladder. But who knows maybe if Madge was my mom I’d still be pissing uncontrollably on the floor.

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