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Kelloggs recalls Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.


What will be America be eating Monday morning?

Just in case you were thinking of digging into your morning cereal yummies courtesy of Kelloggs this morning we urge you not to. Why? The poison inside the cereal wax lining is going to leave you feeling awful…

Blog.zap2it.com: Kellogg’s released a terse statement Sunday (June 27), explaining the Friday recall of 28 million boxes of Kellogg’s cereal, including Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Honey Smacks, and Corn Pops brands. Four of our favorites!

In case you weren’t paying attention, that’s 28 MILLION boxes.

According to today’s statement, the “off” taste and odor that elicited nausea and vomiting was caused by the paper and liner in the cereal boxes.

The foil liners apparently had a higher than normal level of a “waxy resin,” a FDA-approved item used in packaging materials.

Which is making us wonder, what will all be eating instead when we get up Monday morning? A cursory look around our offices have seen the interns snacking on power bars and cholesterol induced slimy grimy bacon and egg sandwiches (but hey – you should see the smile on the little creeper’s face when they gobble that thing). As for this author- it’s the usual cafe latte, petit croissant and the after thought cigarette (yes I am not much better…blah!). But if you ask me that can’t be too bad considering all the sugar and pharmaceuticals Kelloggs sprays in their food. So much for a healthy American diet!

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