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Hot Hairdresser of the Day- Clipping away is beyond an attitude.


scissorsPreferred techniques of the hair clipping variety.

Hairdressing is and has been an extension of the outwardly ambitions of many ruffians about town, but spare a thought about what really makes a stellar hairdresser. Well we have him here for you – Valentino. Let’s find out why the girls can never get enough of him.

1.    In some circles it’s considered chic to be a drama queen and as Valentino will tell you he just loves the drama. That said, you too should be your own drama queen, too, because Valentino will feed off of you.
2.    Valentino is a bitch and you shouldn’t bother if you’re not bank or look like bank. Celebrities and bitches preferred.

3.    His cheek bones. They’re never for sale but if you even turn up with an ounce of fat you will be shown the door.

4.    Never ever speak out of line when Valentino is treating your hair. Your hair is a work of art. You on the other hand are just attached to it.

5.    Valentino doesn’t care who you know or who you blow,  just as long as you know how to blow. Blow dry that is.

6.    Only Valentino knows how your hair should look, what you think is irrelevant.

7.    Valentino should never be confused for a drug addict, a diva, or a restless soul. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion.

8.    Valentino is always on a diet and of course you should be on one, too.

9.    Valentino understands life can be difficult and that his fees are not always in everybody’s means but that said, he does have a lifestyle that you have no choice but to help support. Anyway, he’s too good looking to be poor.

1o. Love isn’t the way you look at life it’s the way you look at yourself in the mirror.