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The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid: nature’s miracle molecule

Benefits Of Fulvic Acid
The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid: How the Earth, literally is one of the very best sources of nutrition.
The Benefits Of  Fulvic Acid
The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid: How the Earth, literally is one of the very best sources of nutrition.

The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid: Found in the nutritious layer of the earth, the natural forming substance which feeds plants also benefits human well being. 

Fulvic acid, often referred to as “nature’s miracle molecule” is quickly becoming the go-to nutritional supplement. What exactly is fulvic acid, why should you include it in your diet, and how can you get it?

What is it?

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring and important acid that is hard to obtain from a regular diet that’s delivered by Fulvic Minerals.

Fulvic acid is an organic and naturally occurring acid found in nutrition packed humus, which is the decomposed matter that usually forms a layer in the crust of the earth.

It can be hard to obtain fulvic acid even from a healthy, save for actually eating dirt, and it is usually obtained from a mineral pitch that oozes out of the rocks of the Himalayan Mountains at high altitudes known as Shilajit.

Fulvic acid is a very important tool for transporting vitamins as well as other essential nutrients to the relevant locations in the body. A single molecule of fulvic acid can transport 60+ minerals and trace elements into the cells directly.

In the last few decades, much has come to light about how humic materials found in the soil including fulvic acid provide numerous benefits in the body.

The Top 4 Benefits of Fulvic Acid

1. Improving Endurance

Fulvic contains electrolytes, trace minerals, and essential nutrients and many people report increased energy levels after taking it.

Research reveals that humic acids are responsible for activating and energizing close to all biological processes within the body, helping cells stay active in the face of damage due to stress, prolonged sleep loss, an unbalanced diet, as well as oxidative damage.

Fulvic acid supplementation in albino mice significantly improved their physiological energy status in a swimming experiment. Dibenzo-alpha-pyrones (DBP), fulvic acid, metabolites derived from animals and plants, as well as their derivatives were revealed as the main constituents responsible for the effects.

2. Muscle Adaptation

Shilajit has been reported to exhibit potent anabolic and adaptogenic properties in traditional Ayurveda medicine. It has been used for many centuries for treating many disorders, including tendon and muscle injuries. Fulvic acid contains naturally occurring medium and low molecular weight compounds that include acylated and oxygenated DBPs that exhibit several positive biological inhibitory properties hard to obtain from other sources.

Fulvic acid has also been reported to help relieve fatigue and improve physical performance by enhancing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the mechanism that facilitates fueling of muscles.

3. Absorption of Nutrients

Obtaining sufficient quantities of electrolytes along with other trace nutrients through a balanced diet is essential for nutrient absorption, healthy metabolic functions, and digestive health. Unfortunately, food alone is usually not enough.

While the plants humans consume provide a variety of important minerals and vitamins, there are some found in the soil that you cannot get by ingesting plants only. Humic acids provide nutrition for plants and taking fulvic acid is an excellent way to get the nutrition directly from the source. Fulvic acid also improves the ability of the body to make use of other nutrients you get from plants almost instantly.

The Benefits Of  Fulvic Acid
The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid

4. Production of Testosterone

It is good to be suspicious of supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels. Most of them have little scientific backing, but research actually supports the claim that fulvic acid has the potential to boost the testosterone levels.

Indian researchers in 2010 gave 35 infertile subjects 200mg of shilajit extract a day for 90 days consecutively. When the sperm and hormone parameters were compared from the first day to day 90, the research noted the improvements below:

– A 37 percent increase in sperm quality

– A 61 percent increase in total sperm count

– A 23 percent increase in serum testosterone levels

– A 9 percent increase in FSH

Oxidative damage markers went down while the hemoglobin increased slightly.

A 2015 study showed that healthy volunteers between 45 and 55 years of age that consumed 250 mg of shilajit extract a day for 90 days were able to:

– Boost the levels of DHEA by 31 percent while maintaining normal FSH and LH levels

– Increase the levels of free-testosterone by 19 percent

– Increase the overall levels of testosterone by 20 percent

The Benefits Of  Fulvic Acid
The Benefits Of Fulvic Acid

Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid has an unpleasant taste that leads most people to mix liquid or powdered fulvic acid in their smoothies or juices to mask the flavor.

If you are supplementing with fulvic acid, you should always read and follow the dosage directions, since using too much of it leads to unbalanced mineral levels in the body. Most of the liquid products come in form of extracts and a small dosage is recommended mixed with between 16 and 20 ounces of filtered water.

Today, there are several different ways to add fulvic acid in your diet, but Shilajit is one of the most popular forms. Besides fulvic acid, it also contains 85 minerals in ionic form, humic acid, and triterpenes.

Side Effects of Fulvic Acid

For most people, fulvic acid is completely safe even though not much research has been done on the subject. Still, it does seem to pose few side effects especially if taken in high doses. It helps detoxify the body and in the process can cause cramps, diarrhea, nausea, or headaches. It is not possible to overdose on fulvic acid and it is completely natural. It is easily flushed out of the system once consumed. You should always consult your doctor if you are considering alternative supplements and medicines.

The best approach to supplementation is starting slowly with the dosage in increments to ensure that you don’t experience adverse side effects. Diluting it with water is far safer than taking it without diluting in high quantities.

Fulvic Acid: Conclusion

Fulvic acid is a powerful nutrient booster that offers many benefits in terms of nutrient absorption, muscle adaptation, endurance, healthy testosterone production, and hormone balance.