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The ascent of the celebrity blogger. A who’s who in the sleaze department.


Adele is not doing so well in Hollywood...

5/ The UK’s Daily Mail. This my dears is the English being as crude and vulgar as possible all the while while smiling right there in front of you as if the teapot has barely cooled off. One of our favorite pieces involved the horrific story of outwork English actress Adele Silva (Former British Cover girl and Soap actress Adele Silva now works as a shop assistant in Hollywood. ) just breaks our heart.

Without barely flinching, the publishers go out of their way to show the down and out Adele bending down to wipe the floor of a op shop in Hollywood that she now tends to. One can only thank that most American actors live in America because these girls are never in a good mood, but that said we are addicted to them the way an underage girl is addicted to most club promoters (oops did I just say something wrong…sorry Justin).

With deferential treatment going toPosh, Lily Allen, Sophie Anderton, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and until he was jailedBoy George, these girls we think have ownership shares in the magazine that idolizes and deplores them, but then again you have to appreciate the mean spirited vindictiveness and wipe the tears of salacious joy once Kate’s coke smudge is wiped off her face. A delicious read, and quite a detailed one at that too…(which we assume implies no publicist report to photocopy but real journalism…blah!)

4/ The Daily Beast. The gentleman’s version of sleaze and poised disenchantment in the world. Tina Brown, does a great job of remaining above the fray and we suspect that has something to do with her English upbringing and all the cream scones she most certainly eats alongside her lavender Earl Grey team at approximately 3.45pm every afternoon. A journalist’s journalist, this lot manages to retain some degree of class, caution to the wind and although Tina likes to give homage to politics and world events her impulse is to titillate and get you smarting and occasionally wondering about the state of the world. A delicious read, unfortunately bereft of images of half naked women and rumors. A preferred read for those of you with an IQ above 120, which we trust is very few of you. Oh well…

3/ Richard Johnson of the NY Post or what we here like to (sort of) affectionately call the NY Gutter. Richard never fails to bring a wicked smile to our faces and we always know when it comes time to read about the useless ongoing of dilettantes, socialites, coked up and wounded actors this is the place to come. Usual guests include Donald Trump, society damsels in distress, his love child Ashley Dupre, misbehaving society publicists like Mallory Montilla and the