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Amy Winehouse is Back at the Crack House— Sorry, We Mean Hospital.


winehouseTrying to figure out what’s wrong with Amy.

Looks like Amy – celebrated singer and whack job is back in the headlines. According to smut reporters at the UK Mirror, it was reported that Amy was rushed to hospital after falling ill. Apparently, a series of mixed ‘medications’ didn’t sit well with her.

Reports the Mirror-

The singer spent last night at The London Clinic on doctor’s advice after medicine she took for a cold clashed with medication she was already on. A friend said: “Amy took over-the-counter stuff for a cold but it didn’t agree with medication she takes for her on-going recovery.

Of course we do wonder what those particular ongoing medications were and how this all led to Amy having to spend the night in hospital. Of course, the bigger question (not how hard is it to not overdose, though that is a good one) is why the media and by extension wider culture is so consumed with the starlet who, despite her personal travails, is a singer/artist that transcends? Could it be that the role of the artist involves not just what they put out, but how they are expected to put it out?

Being a super star is never easy. Especially when you cant figure out how to keep yourself alive and breathing like every other human being on the planet.

  • Vagabond

    Aw, princess, calm down. Should we think of ourselves as NOT being above people who whore for crack? Are you kidding me? We dont have the right to look down on people who constantly need other people to save their lives? We cant make fun of someone for having a whole bunch of teeth rot out of their heads? That is just hilarious that you even made us address this, Princess. Go back to your fairy kingdom.

  • Princess.

    What is it with u? Always picking on coke whores and crack whores? And you’re perfect right Scallywag? DOuche bag