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Mallory Montilla – is really the world’s most stupidest P.r assistant.


mallory-montillaWhen it’s all beyond a shadow of a doubt…

The other day we ran a story on Mallory Montilla, a pretty up and coming socialite who thought that she could fool the world with her looks, her position but only ended up fooling herself. Mallory, dear Mallory, had until mid July worked for Whisper PR (even they had to get rid of her, this before the big news about Mallory’s misbehavior breaking out in the blogosphere) a sexy Pr outfit that specializes in fashion pr, fashion shoots and we assume all things glamorous.

That said there had been assertions that Mallory might have been framed or better still that we should wait to see what was said in the court of law before bloggers like us judged her guilty (please observe comments in link- they are hilarious and too touchy we think, oh well…).

Although we are still waiting for Mallory’s court date (has it come and gone?) it has now been reported courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman that our Mallory had been caught and indicted on stealing $13 000 worth of high fashion couture yummies that included- Vera Wang, Stella McCartney, Gucci and Thakoon, plus a Roberto Cavalli blouse and DNG jacket. This all a full month before she commenced working for Whisper, who we think by now was the victim of callous behavior of an upstart, who coincidentally failed to disclose her run in with Bergdorf Goodman and of course the police.

Oh well, when pretty kleptomaniacs can’t help themselves jail will always (unfortunately) be an option.

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