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The ascent of the celebrity blogger. A who’s who in the sleaze department.


The one celebrity Richard Lawson can never deface- William Faulkner.

The king of snark, slapping bitches, hoes and socialites back to earth, he is Manhattan’s literary hero, taking the time to forever find the right words to eloquently diminish you and remind you that although you may think you are someone in this world, you are frankly no one until he as Nick (or is it Dick?) Denton’s right hand muzzle boy says so.

We leave you with something that Richard wrote this morning  that I am sure has his idol William Faulkner smiling in his grave:

The Violation; The living who are stuck between two realities will, I’m theorizing, have to make the ultimate decision: keep the fantasy and thus make it entirely real, or go back to the harder truth. My guess is whoever decides to eschew the fantasy gets stewardship of the island — a Candidate becoming the selected.

Prey Richard, are you yourself living between the two realities, the fantasy or the real world? In either event, you have singularly recreated fantasy and presented it as reality. Your own kind of reality and Manhattan and the rest of America have no choice to applaud. Richard you are this years nominated sleazy celebrity blogger. Relish in the joy…