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What should you be wearing to court this summer?


How to look fashionable and guilty free just like the celebrities.


It’s no secret that learning the rules of life requires one to pay scrupulous attention to how celebrities live their life. Serving as a constant reminder and as source of inspiration even at their worst we chose 5 celebrity inspired fashion cues that will hopefully will have you been loved and pardoned with the best of them

Inspired by Michael Jackson, we ‘ve been thinking about the ‘pajama look.’ This for most people would be difficult look to pull off but we think a slight wink as you enter the court room should let everyone know that you really don’t take the crime too seriously and nor the court for that matter. Suggested crime that would correspond to this dress code would include ‘pan handling,’ ‘embezzlement,’ and ‘low key white collar robbery.’ Under no circumstances should you wear this outfit if you stand accused of child abuse or endangerment of a minor.












Inspired by Robert Downey Jr, we have the sexy smart stream lined fine tailored suit to be worn by all you all gentleman standing trial of possession of illicit and other nasty things. Cocaine , weed and even ectasy are the preferred crimes of this dress code, however in the event you are into dope, crack, crystal may we suggest a loose fitting suit and a plain white shirt that says – “I couldn’t help myself.”








Inspired by Naomi Campbell comes the preferred outfit to be worn by all divas and socially conscious public figures. Walking into court with a dark pair of sunglasses, high heels and a tight black dress this outfit should see most verbal and physical offenders in stride. We only ask you don’t go in a rage or look to smack the court reporter in the mouth as you enter and leave the court room.








Inspired by Amy Winehouse comes the ‘hell knows no love or enemy,’ look where one is encouraged to come to court looking and behaving like a trollop but just an inch short of it. With striking lingerie and a silk patina derriere we think this is the apropos look for all you girls being held accountable for acts of lewdness, the occasional brawl and making a public spectacle of oneself.








Finally comes the look inspired by Boy George, by now no stranger to the court of law.

For this look we insist on a cleanly shaved head, a heavy black coat (so as to cover either one’s disengaging obesity or scrawniness) and if one is in the mood a series of tattoos on one’s bald palette.

This look of course we would only reserve for armed robbery, public nuisance and sexual predatory schemes. Not that Boy would know anything about these nasty misdemeanors…













In any event we wish you well in your new court room attire and may you get off as lightly as possible.