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Tabloid Sleaze and the players that make it!



Of course that leads us to the king (actually queen) of all media gimmick punditry- Perez Hilton. Even his adopted name is a sartorial take on the once ‘it’ girl (whom we speculate has either bored of being the butt of every media tyrant or been forced to fall in line now that her daddy and last year’s stint in jail has given her some measure of temporary sobriety…). With the advent of Perez public figures had to suddenly duck and weave as Perez Hilton took umbrage at their perceived infidelities to society with his adopted pap and smear crayons depicting cum stains,tear stains and half discarded dripping coke blots. Suddenly the world via our new adopted hero could get back at those fabulous celebrities never mind the credibility or tact that we once used to admire. Caviar and ‘brioche’ had suddenly been replaced with coagulated  cheese dip courtesy of Perez and the quotidian ensemble that he appealed to.

This of course necessitated the ‘domino effect’ whereby even the NY Post (page 6) once the sole purveyor of sleaze and umbrage had to reinvent itself and think harder as to how it could retain its pomp, it’s readership and yes those advertising dollars- perhaps this ‘domino effect’ can be used to explain it’s recent treatise and banal exercise in hiring Ms Alexandra Ashley Dupre, a once very popular sex worker whom we all know happened to be a favored sexual attache of a very once prominent political figure –Elliot Spitzer into that of a sudden sex columnist. We suppose it wont be long before Jon Gosselin, unemployable reality star looking for a hot gig will be writing for Gawker as their ‘Ask Jon how to get laid (and famous) tonight’ featured writer.

On some level it’s all fun, drivel and laden with the heaviest calories your doctor warned you to keep away from. On another level it’s a synthetic diet of horse manure that the public is meant to consume as they stand there desperate to be noticed by Patrick McMullan’s (PMC) photographers (cause like Google, McMullan equals truth) and all the other bloggers who have suddenly made tactless, perjury, bland and infantile behavior the preferred disposition. That said not all blogging is a treatise to sleaze, perpetually smiling 23 year old girls and the 43 year old boys that adore them – it is believe it or not the cutting edge vernacular of the future, assuming the public and the publisher(and that does include us) are willing from time to time treat each other to some dark chocolate, flowers, table manners before pulling out the extra large condoms in the back of some derelict elevator shaft…

Of course if it comes to that we’re sure Patrick McMullan will be there to shoot it and you my dears to gorge over it.

‘Gawker,’- Trying to Understand why Gutter sells.

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Observations of a Sleep Deprived Blogger.


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