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Perez Hilton: Do you really want to hurt me?


perez-hiltonHow the drama keeps getting bigger and the $25000 that’s supposed to make it all go away.

First amendment. That’s what Perez Hilton is claiming he is entitled to- ‘the freedom of speech.’ That all may be so, but what is the recipient of the defamatory abuse that Hilton was laying into deserve? If as Perez argues it’s all about freedom of speech what does this exactly mean? Does this mean a blogger, journalist can go adhoc and say whatever he feels like saying, provoking the intended, slurring them and insulting them, all because he has the right to express himself?

Anyway the drama continues unabated as Perez goes after Polo Molina, who he claims hit him three times for comments he made about the Black Eyed Peas’ new album on his website- for the grand sum of $25 000.

What we do wonder is in the world of over reaction and selfless self promotion why he’s only going after this puny amount. No matter what the amount we still think Perez is a ‘bully, ‘ a ‘cry baby,’ and a poser ‘who is now crying that he got burnt playing with matches on a high wire act that no journalist should attempt unless he is seeking a sudden increase/plummet in ratings or is just plain too stupid to understand civility.

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  • Windbreaker

    To hell with Perez or Mario or whatever dumbass title he calls himself. The ugly skank epitomizes what’s worst with pop culture. He needs a thorough and deliciously prolonged beating.