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Alexandra Ashley Dupre confuses civilization by becoming a sex columnist.


writernowWhen oil and water mix after all…

By now you have all probably heard how trash gutter journal the NY Post (whom you all know we love the way we love a soggy quarter pounder after a drinking bender) has teamed up with salacious ex call girl and current media whore (but always a whore nevertheless…) Alexandra Ashley Dupre to bring you the musings of a devout sex columnist.

In any event now that the NY Post has become its own very special whore we sat down and wondered what type of questions we’d really love to see the NY Post’s new sex columnist answer.

1/ As a guy, if i happen to go out on a dinner date and i don’t end up contributing to the expense of the dinner  does that theoretically make me a whore? What if I chip in for the tip?

2/ Will my wife ever get suspicious should she ever come across some perfume, crack/dope, phone numbers that don’t belong to her.  In the event I agree to admit I am having an affair should I also say it’s the girl from the office or the same girl Elliot Spitzer once used?

3/ If i am an aspiring journalist would you recommend that I become a high profile crack/coke whore in the hope that someone like Gawker or OK magazine end up hiring me?

4/ Would you consider it two timing if you end up writing for both the NY Post and Gawker? Or is it only two timing if someone pays attention?

5/ Are there any suggested techniques you would use to get my current boyfriend to pay my rent, or would that be gauche?

6/ Is there a point where I should confess to my boyfriend that I am a slut or should I pretend like you that I am virtuous?

7/ If I’m a third world sex worker what are my chances of making it one day? What if I can’t read or write like you?

8/ Are there only certain sex questions you are willing to answer or do your bosses at the NY Post get to vet the questions for you?

9/ If Lindsay Lohan can get a job as a fashion designer at Ungaro how long do you think it might be before you get a job offer from the NY Times?

10/ Do you prefer to swallow or spit?


  1. Seriously? I have no idea who this Dupree person is, I’m from england afterall. However this article is very, very bad. It took you that many words to call this person a whore? I’ve seen better writing on my ex girlfriend facebook profile, and she’s illiterate.

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