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Tabloid Sleaze and the players that make it!


Nick Denton

With the advent of electronic media it suddenly became possible for cantankerous go it alone publishers like Nick Denton (of Gawker) to set up base at his favorite corner booth at Balthazar restaurant and take careful aim at the blue chip media hell he descended from. Suddenly with the public curious, internet armed and desperate to follow the devout salutations of a photogenic, star prone world Mr Denton was able to fill the heady universe to the brim and then some. It didn’t hurt that Mr Denton’s audiences were the media elite that he transgressed and gave merciless attention to (poor Devorah Rose) and simultaneous star power where once they would of have been ignored, harassed and relegated to grave yard reporting by tyrants called Rupert Murdoch.

With the world now apprised that it could court news, foibles and celebrity excesses at a click of a button it suddenly became imperative for even the old world media to pay homage to figures, scandals and stage actors that it once would have shuffled to the back pages.

With the internet everyone became king and an instant celebrity (just add water and a PMC photographer…) and this it seems is what the congenial and thoughtful Ms. Rachelle Hruska (Editor in Chief of Guest of a Guest) has managed to do by turning even the most common (yet we must stress photogenic) citizen into their own kind of hero that the world could now gloat (and tag) over and ‘assume’ the status of socialite and celebrity where admittedly just 5 years ago the charities and foundations that now court these figures would have winced in disbelief if they dared show up at the pony show…

Publicists, celebrities, budding reality stars and even Bryant Park fashion designers are all too cognizant of the power of the blogger and his/her formidable rise (after all Google now equals truth…) In an article that the NY Times ran over the weekend and Gawker minced (of course) they consider the rearranged roles that bloggers now have relative to their once formidable over lords (Vogue, Harpers Bazaar – journals that are now wheezing violently in the Conde Nast belt line…). Thirteen year old girls like Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie now command front row alongside publicity anxious suitors like Mr Adrien Field who we noticed managed to clinch front row seats at all the major collections recently not so much because of his journalistic reputation (whom we can attest can at times put a few sentences together when he is not foraging through his ‘man’ bag) but perhaps because of his tenacity to always remain in the limelight and self flagellate himself relentlessly via twitter and facebook (which doesn’t mean we still don’t love Adrien…sort of.)


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