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OH! Watch the Face!



Prime Minister Berlusconi isn’t quite the young man he used to be.  Though his work in the bedroom contradicts that.  Coming out of a rally in Milan, Berlusconi was struck in the face by a model souvenir, and his fragile face didn’t take it so well.  The PM was left with a broken nose and two broken teeth.  Not to mention the blood splattered on the side of his face.

After the attack on Sunday evening the prime minister, looking dazed, was helped to his feet by aides and put in a car. He got out and tried to climb on the car to show he was all right, before being driven away. – BBC News

If by showing people you’re all right, you mean, “Hey, look at my mess of a bloody face,” than well done Mr. Prime Minister.  But, madonna mia, that is not exactly a positive image to wrap up a turbulent year.  We’ve seen cleaner mugs after a fifteen rounder between Rocky and Apollo Creed.

During Mr Berlusconi’s speech at the rally in Milan demonstrators shouted “buffoon” and “thief” at him.  He shouted back “Shame, shame”, saying: “I am not a monster as the opposition claims — and not just because I am handsome.” – BBC News

Actually, that is the face of a monster.  So, now he’s a buffoon, thief, and not handsome.  That’s three strikes sir.  It’s one thing with the mafia allegations and the prostitutes, but Italy just won’t stand for an ugly prime minister.


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