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Not so useless after all: Facebook provides alibi for robbery.


heroFacebook has a purpose! Thank goodness for that.

Rodney Bradford, a New York teenager implicated a robbery in October owes his freedom to a Facebook status update which cemented his alibi and proved that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime. Facebook was subpoenaed to provide documentation that proved Bradford was safely tucked away at his father’s home in Harlem, six miles away from the robbery, busy updating his status with the charming phrase “ON THE PHONE WITH THIS FAT CHICK… WHERER MY IHOP.”

Prosecuters attempted to go down the ‘that doesn’t prove anything’ route, what with Kids These Days being so sneaky and internet-savvy, but as Bradford’s lawyer, Robert Reuland, pointed out, if someone were going to go to the effort of faking such an alibi “They’d do it in a lot clearer way.” As it was, the cryptic statement had prosecutors baffled, but Reuland explained that it was just an ‘affectionate’ reference to Bradford’s pregnant girlfriend who had been left out of a trip the night before to the International House of Pancakes. Lucky woman.

Facebook officials are apparently thrilled to have been “able to serve as a constructive part of the judicial process,” and are ready and willing to join in with the phone companies and video surveillance technology as a new limb of the world’s favorite game: ‘Let’s keep tabs on the population every hour of the day and night’.

The moral of the story is that because the game is being played anyway, you might as well use it to your advantage. Remember to update your status regularly, just in case you are wrongfullly accused of a crime any time soon.

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