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Reality Bimbo breaks down when her credit card is declined.


reality-bimboWhat to do when it’s time to pay for the Champagne…

There appears to be another media whore who is self combusting in public these days (hence the part about reality/celebrity shows- we get to collectively watch them on the way up and yes on the way down…)- her name: Holly Montag. Very much unknown to us (who cares if she’s on some B rated romp called ‘the Hills’?) and vaguely pretty with her blonde mane and atypically obnoxious with her public exposure of fits, rants and drunken escapades.

The story behind this latest pretty mess (Lindsay please pay attention…) is when it came time to pay for her champagne at the Video Music Awards party there was not enough money/credit to be accepted. Oops! Did I buy too much toilet paper the other day, booze, a shiny new dress, another eight ball, a holiday, car that I overlooked? Gees that’s very unlike me and I am confused. Shoot, let me think –“if I have a public breakdown do you think they’ll let this one slide? Yes, let me try now. “


Oh well, when having public fits and break downs is just par for the course for the latest celebrity mutant.

Too much spirit

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