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Just in case you were wondering – Kate Gosselin’s new beauty show is coming out soon.


kate-gosselinWhen things go from shock to surreal.

We read with intrigue (okay horror…) from the Daily Beast the following- The newly single reality-TV star and mother of eight is filming her new TV pilot this weekend and that beauty tips are on the docket. Kate will team up with Paula Deen, the Food Network’s grand dame of Southern cooking, for a show based on the Web site Mom Logic, featuring parenting advice, health and beauty tips, and celebrity gossip.

No marriage advice?

How does a space cadet with a mullet for a brain, face, and haircut who has public spats with her ex husband (current playboy -Jon Gosselin, who seduces 22 year old nannies- we know it’s an absurdist play but in real life….) in every media source and then has her day by getting a plump role to now being her own beauty gossip zealot?


Frankly it’s too surreal for us to comprehend and it only goes to show that the real cultural milieu has ended up becoming the tabloid culture. So for all you sophisticates and those with you artistic aspirations and a lifetime’s experience dispensing beauty advice- bad luck. The world doesn’t need you anymore now that it’s found Kate.


The moral of the story- life is unpredictable and becoming a reality star is one way to hedge against it’s unpredictable nature. Then again let’s define what reality is anymore?

Kate Gosselin’s Show to Include Beauty Advice

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