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Southwest Oakland’s Flight from Hell.


naked-on-a-rampageWhen a 6’1, 300 pound naked freak goes on the rampage.


Blame it on the sun, the lack of peanuts, or just the squished chromosomes floating in this man’s ruptured brain as he set off a series of misbehavior and stunts that ended up in a plane trip being aborted, him double hand cuffed, hospitalized along with another woman who got punched by ‘said freak show’ in the mouth.

It was meant to be a quick easy flight out of Oakland, California bound for St. Louis Thursday morning, but a brain ruptured individual saw that it in fact didn’t turn out that way. Twenty minutes into the flight, ‘brain ruptured individual’ decided to expose himself to the woman sitting next to him (when we say expose we mean play with my rabbit…). She then retorted by screaming which led him to punching her in the mouth, striking a few other passengers, running around the plane freaked out, then calm and then freaked out again, throwing up but not before by this stage being totally naked.


Mmh, does this sound like a flight you should have made?

Flight disrupted by naked man returns to Oakland airport

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