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Melissa Rice- Cancer fraud star found dead.


melissa-riceThe dangerous games people play with themselves…


Here comes a sad tale about a woman who couldn’t resist trying to pull a very fast one- on herself. The tale goes something like this- Melissa Rice, a 24 year old low key semi awkward and let’s admit it no stunner (from Idaho Falls, Idaho) was tempted to see what she could get away with. Pretending to be a 15 year old boy with brain cancer called Jonathan Jay White(with his own fairy tale blog).

What resulted was an outpouring of grief, gifts from celebrities and cash, lots of it. The fun lasted until Melissa finally got caught out and was subpoenaed for grand theft. We don’t think Melissa took the news too well and thus chose what some may say an honorable death via suicide.

What we’re wondering is what tempted Melissa to go there, to be a financial scam artist like Bernie is one thing but to be a cancer victim playing on national sympathy? Didn’t Melissa realize in the end no one likes to give to sympathetic causes unless they are their own, they are indeed valiant and unless it’s about self fulfillment.

In any event it’s an awful lesson to learn and for some of us choosing death (ironically what her ‘fake’ cancer had in store for her) was a perfect picture ending

Too bad Melissa had to star in this horror movie…

Melissa Rice: Cancer Fraud Woman Found Dead

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