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Katie Couric on a head trip…


katie-couricWho really cares wht Katie thinks anyway…?


We watched with boredom as Katie Couric (bloated media anchor ) extol her ‘tad rueful’ jubilation in putting the NYT’s in it’s place pertaining to not one , two, but 7 factual errors in it’s report on the affairs of recently deceased news caster Walter Kronkite.

As much as we like to applaud Katie in correcting the media, she really didn’t go out of her way to clear anything up. Reminding us that the NYT”s screwed up a couple of dates is one thing but then again standing up to the oppression, the indoctrination of our ‘current’ flawed culture which has turned into a Mickey Mouse contest into who is pre and post plastic surgery better looking is another thing.

If news anchor like Katie really took a first class examination of what was really going on in the world, we’d have more stories of human triumph, provocation and a rational discussion why people like her command millions why school teachers and janitors are struggling to live the much hyped American dream.

Really Katie, you’re a hero- in your own imagination!

Katie Couric Slams NY Times For Error-Filled Walter Cronkite Appraisal

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  • Barbara

    That has to be the most bizarre facial expression I have ever seen, especially coming from Katie Couric – LOL.