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We’re worried – is $2.5 million going to be enough for Ruth Madoff?


ruth_madoffPayback always hurts, but what ‘s Ruth going to do with her paltry 2.5 bucks, oops, millions?

Now that Ruth has struck a deal with federal authorities to give away most of her assets, including her ill gotten house, money markets, jewelry, homes and yachts from here to the South of France, and pied a terre it was reported that poor Ruth has now been reduced to a paltry 2.5 million bucks and we bet some tears.

That of course doesn’t shun her from further legal claims which may in all probability take her combined wealth to no more than 2.5 bucks literally.

Oh well, she had fun while she could but payback is never fun, just be careful not to step on her toes next time she gets in the subway with you…