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Gawker make us laugh one more time- the kettle calling the pot black.


the-kettle-calling-the-potWhat do you call a website that accuses other people of junk when they are the kings of junk themselves. What a drag…

We read with interest how Gawker had the audacity to go after various sites such as Huffpo as being the reason why journalism has degenerated. In an effort to capture more online ad dollars most media providers (except Gawker of course) have begun to channel more as it calls it ‘junk content’ which ultimately is tailored to increase google rankings and subsequently the flow of ads

As clever or prescient this observation, Gawkerunfortunately neglects to mention that if there is anyone who has trivialized the news and provided us with a rotunda of insatiable and useless array of junk culture (think burnt French fries with too much mayo and you get the idea)- it is them themselves.

Funny, how the chief culprit makes a point of identifying offenders without identifying itself as the main instigator to begin with

Oh well, back to junk and the derivative culture that we have (Gawker ) has embraced.

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