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Could it be true- rich lifestyles are sending young women broke?


rich-lifestylesInspired by the likes of Paris Hilton and Co it seems more young women are beginning to live a false illusion. But you knew that right girls?

An interesting report highlights that more young women will be going broke because of their desire to emulate the lifestyles they see on TV. Like most of who are grounded (most of the time in reality) one is aware that the only reason the super stars on TV manage to live a grand lifestyle is because they are paid role models. Outfitted with wardrobes, free meals and often being paid to turn up to a venue the illusion has led to a lot of young women thinking they can manage to do the same either on their income or of course their future boyfriend’s income (let’s hope he’s a well fed banker).

What to make of all of this? Aside from the obvious stupidity, and the gullibility of most young women seduced by the perfect ‘Sex and the City,’ illusions perhaps it would be refreshing if instead of being held hostage to credit card debts and the like women and men could learn to love the simpler things of life, even if they are less glamorous and the idea that what you see on TV is really just a publicity stunt to make someone rich, usually other than you…

Rich lifestyles send women broke

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  • Eugina Williams

    P.S. It’s ok if you have money for it, but do not let it define who you are. It’s ok to want these things, but do not put it on a pedestal as if it’s the only thing in the world that makes you happy. Luxury is not a sin. Living within your means is going to set you up for a more elaborate lifestyle if you WORK for it.

  • Eugina Williams

    It’s ok to live within your means girls. Enough of faking it till you make it. Stop stressing yourself to live this false reality that is presented to you. Most celebrities can’t afford what they have, that is why the request them from designers, and if they’re lucky enough, they get it for free. Walking advertisements. But YOU ALL KNOW THAT SO WHY… Read More ARE YOU FALLING FOR IT? Material things come and go, but wisdom, love and knowledge stays with you for eternity. Seek simple pleasures in life to learn about what it truly means to be ALIVE. It’s better than any designer item you have.

  • Kristen May Anastasia

    So true glad someone spoke up about all the PR BS Hollywood spoon feeds us…