Home Scandal and Gossip Wow, the real summer blockbuster is finally here….

Wow, the real summer blockbuster is finally here….


rihanna-may-testify-against-brownJust when you thought Rihanna was going to roll with the punches, think again…

That’s right this saga has all the typical trappings of your typical summer splurge- celebrity, sound effects, lots of media attention and ongoing media scrutiny that is sure to have you breathless and come on –admit it- wanting much more.

From media leaks, TMZ gossip celebrity worshippers and the Oprah Winfreys of this world we’re betting that the unfolding game of he said, she said, then he did or didn’t do will have us all in court room bliss.

Of course if Brown loses he gets to go to the can for four years, but hey- live by the sword, die by the sword.


Rihanna may testify against Brown

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