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Nancy Pelosi has privileges. How about you, and what we would suggest?


plain1As speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has some very stringent demands and privileges that can only leave ones head shaking. Indulgence or just the trappings of power?

For starters the ‘madam’ will not fly coach, not even first class, what this dame wants and gets is ‘military’ Gulfstream G-5’s, the type of course favored by Jay Z and 50- Cent rapper.

She also insists on round the clock protection, that she can only fly on one specific plane (we’re serious), and if she decides to cancel the flight, the bill for the unused flight is still paid too, courtesy of you.

Privileges we’d like to see you have too.

1/ If you don’t have enough money to pay for an exclusive dinner outing we’d like it that the restaurant understood how important and valued you were by your friends and particular clque, never mind if you weren’t particularly photogenic.

2/We’d also like it if the lackey who lives across the corridor was summonsed hourly to drop by and see to your whims and demands. Who would we use as the lackeys living across the hallway? Anyone whose cheek bones don’t anywhere as near as gorgeous as yours.

3/ Around the clock guidance and psychology sessions, that way next time you have an existential moment the feeling will come and go less painfully.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Fly Coach

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  • Scallywag, just admit it. You just wish you could have your own Gulf stream jet…