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You get what you pay for. Right?


What happens when you spend $320 000 Australian dollars and it just quite doesn’t work out? It turns out you get a lot of hate mail and web sites dedicated to your demise. Then again being a demi god can be hard work these days….if you can get it. We still love you Miley Cyrus

Whilst on stage this young starlet apparently forgets the words to her hit, forgivable? We’d like to think so, after all you and I are bailing the car and banking industries for their uhm mistakes, except when we’ve spent uhm, let’s count that again, $320,000 Aussie dollars which converts to roughly $190,000 dollars to fly your little lovely self in to sing at one of our concerts. We do wonder why our celebrities are held to a higher standards, if only there could be as much hate mail for other species in the food chain…

Miley Cyrus video. Miley Cyrus forgets the words to fly on the wall

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