Kurt Coleman is Australia’s version of Paris Hilton. Very in love with himself.


Australia’s Kurt Coleman is the wet dream you only dared you could be…. Kurt Coleman to be sure has a very high fascination for all things sparkling, glamorous, pretty, beautiful and perfect, just like him. To date Australia’s self confessed version of Paris Hilton (according to our collective hero) has amassed more that 171 000 […]

How one Southwest flight attendant became a viral stand up comic…


Southwest Airlines Flight attendant Martha ‘Marty’ Cobbs brings welcome relief…to the unthinkable. Kids there’s something to be said about flight attendants who dare to take themselves a little less seriously than the next flight attendant. Point in case, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who over the weekend decided to try out her long awaited comedy […]

Video: Linda Zimany is the Playboy model a drunk Jude Law tried to make out with.


Oh well, never mind, what ends well started badly. Such it seems are the delicious and fond recipes that actor Jude Law will be holding onto memory after a disastrous drinking escapade which saw the matinée idol attempt to make out with Hungarian Playboy model, Linda Zimany. The good shit all came to pass when Jude […]

NSFW. Miley Cyrus topless on a horse for ‘Adore you’ single. Leaked?


Miley Cyrus fans were sent gawking at the latest risqué image of the pop star as a picture of Miley Cyrus topless on a horse for her Adore you single started making the media rounds. In the tantalizing image (which might be an understatement when it comes to the recalcitrant pop star) a brunette Miley […]

16 inch rat terrifying Swedish family caught.


A Swedish family has recoiled in terror after finally learning of what had until recently been terrorizing them. A homebound 16 inch rat that had made their kitchen it’s new place of residence. The rat only came to be outdone by the Swedish family after a gargantuan mouse trap laid its victim to waste. Eventually […]

Charlene Ellet who made out with her brother in jail incarcerated after assaulting husband


For those who don’t remember, Charlene Ellet is the one half of a sibling team that found itself arrested for incest earlier this week after deputies caught her and her brother making out in jail after a meth arrest. Fortunately for detectives they didn’t have to wait too long before Charlene Ellet would once again be […]

Jennette McCurdy lingerie photos. ‘Oops I am very ashamed.’


Kids it’s time to take out the repository dollop of tissues and cry along with former Nickelodian’s McDisney’s Jennette McCurdy who is daring to tell the world all those Jennette McCurdy lingerie photos were just a big mistake. Blaming (I would too if I could get away with it) her former lap dog boyfriend Andre Drummond (some NBA […]

Piers Morgan cancelled. ‘Get the prima donna off CNN now!’


It seems all good things must come to an end and that good thing is Piers Morgan who has been given his marching orders after sustained rancor in his 9pm nightly slot for CNN the Piers Morgan Live show. It’s confirmed. Piers Morgan will not be deported says the White House. Should Piers Morgan be […]

Bree Walker mug shot: Drunk and disorderly shit.


Shit isn’t going too well for veteran tv news anchor Bree Walker after she was arrested on suspicions of drink driving early Wednesday morning in Orange County, CA. The 61 -year-old radio talk show host and disability rights activist was described as looking disheveled and smelling of alcohol by the officers who stopped her. Which is […]

Here are naked photos of Valerie van der Graaf to sweat over.


Holland’s Valerie van der Graaf has just been described as the next Kate Upton, this after the up and coming model made a recent appearance with Sports Illustrated. Naturally tongues went immediately into wag mode at the sight of the slinky curvy Dutch Valerie van der Graaf who graced the cover of your imagination. Explains […]

Till Bechtolsheimer’s girlfriend, Julia Kadioglu smashes bottle over club goer’s head.


Kids it’s time for high brass society to show off their stellar misbehavior tactics. This week’s winning entry goes to that of uber wealthy banker scion and Wall st afficiando, Till Bechtolsheimer and his uppity girlfriend Julia Kadioglu who it seems had a recent whale of a good time being embroiled in a bar brawl. […]