Pictures: Laura Mistretta arrested for running through hotel naked


Laura Mistretta a 29 year old Louisiana mother of two has been charged with obscenity after running through a hotel naked yelling at hotel staff and guests. The spirited woman would bring attention to herself at Crestwood Suites, Baton Rouge after wandering around the hotel with no pants, nude. A police report would note the […]

New Kendra Sunderland pictures emerge: ‘It’s too awkward to return to school.’


It seems former Oregon State University student Kendra Sunderland is here to stay after all and how as new photos of the starlet emerged on her twitter account over the weekend. Yes we take it that you’re enjoying all the attention Kendra? Kendra Sunderland interview: ‘At least I’m not working a crappy minimum wage job.’ […]

Was Johnny Depp very drunk during the Hollywood Film Awards?


Turning up to present an award at the Hollywood Film Awards last night was actor Johnny Depp. Or what appeared like Johnny Depp. Or to be blunt a very drunk Johnny Depp. Taking to the podium to introduce the Shep Gordon documentary Supermensch our collective hero appeared as if he had one too many rounds […]

Shia LaBeouf reluctantly checks into rehab cause he knew he had to.


It seems our collective hero, Shia LaBeouf has reluctantly done the inevitable and reluctantly checked into rehab ’cause he knew he had to.’ What caused the Shia LaBeouf Cabaret meltdown? The rebel Hollywood actor/buffoon may have had his hand forced after last week’s Cabaret meltdown fiasco which saw the ballyhooed actor making a scene in […]

Kristin Marie Jones, hot nanny leaves kids in hot car to get great tan


Kristin Marie Jones a Portalnd, Oregon nanny has been arrested after leaving two small children locked in a car whilst she set about the business of getting herself a great tan at a local tanning salon. Local media outlet KMVT reports that cops say Kristin Marie Jones left a 3-year-old boy and six-month-old girl in […]

Brazil fan scream ‘fxck her right in the pussy’ on live World Cup report


It seems some fans can’t help but show their true colors or simply take the piss, which might explain how one Brazilian fan came to scream ‘fxck her right in the pussy,’ after blonde vixen CityNews Toronto reporter Natalie Duddridge came to ask the fan his thoughts over Brazil‘s nail biting win over Chile yesterday. Blonde vixen: ‘How […]

What caused the Shia LaBeouf Cabaret meltdown?


It seems our collective hero Shia LeBeouf has succumbed to meltdowns of meltdowns as the Hollywood actor took to a series of disingenuous behavior yesterday which included chasing a homeless man around NYC’s theater district, attending a production of Cabaret later that evening in a complete drunken stupor, attacking fellow theater goers, smoking during the […]

Australia’s self loving Kurt Coleman mother defends her son


It seems there isn’t much love for Australia‘s self loving Kurt Coleman after all given the fact that the 17 year old’s mother, Maureen Coleman has felt the need to address his detractors. In a new feature with Australia’s New Idea magazine, Maureen Coleman tells how her son who has since become one of the […]

Lonnie Hutton has sex with ATM machine and wooden picnic table


It seems one Murfreesboro, Tenn man, Lonnie Hutton, 49 tried to get the good shag on this Friday night after being spotted attempting to have sexual sexual intercourse with an ATM and a wooden picnic table. According to witnesses Hutton was deliriously drunk when he took to unwinding his pants to his ankles and showing the world […]

Danielle Shea, Quinnipiac University dropout fakes bomb threats


Danielle Shea, a 22 year old Quinnipiac University dropout has caused havoc after inciting two fake bomb threats all because she didn’t want her graduation ceremony to take place for fear of alerting her parents that she hadn’t been attending school in the first place. All while collecting thousands of dollars in tuition payments from them. […]

Did Jill Hansen, Hawaiian surf model try to kill Elizabeth Conklin for her BMW?


Making a dizzy splash in the media realm is the very intriguing visage of Hawaiian surf model Jill Hansen who has since been charged with the attempted murder of 73 year old Elizabeth Conklin. The fracas came to light last Wednesday when the Hawaiian surf model purportedly tried to run down the elderly woman in Honolulu […]