Accessorize Your Evening Look and Wow Everyone!


Guest post: Coco Chanel said: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” It can be easy to get lost in a sea of beautiful evening dresses at an event or a night out. The eye-catching difference may well lie in how you accessorise. The trick to choosing the right accessories is to find something that complements your […]

The travails of a fashion blogger. Rushing from one show to the next.


Covering fashion week for those in the know is an exercise in madness. From registering with MBFW, writing off to designer pr reps requesting press accreditation ( a miserable exercise in slobbering) to then assigning writers and photographers and from there cursing every writer and photographer in turn who takes far too long to hand […]

Gossip from the tents: NY Fashion Week arrives.

Peter Davies

The woman sitting next to me is driving me nuts and as much as I want to back my jackhammer into her skull I pleasantly smile as she regales another insider fashion story. This if you must know is where us journalists sit at the press area sit and convene in between shows. Welcome to […]

Ford Models presents its working Black models wish list campaign. But will it work to get more black girls working?


How to get more colored girls thumping down the runway and onto American covers? It’s true that in the fashion world there is a disproportionate depiction of white girls to colored girls. But that is not to say that the industry has callously overlooked these girls but a reflection that certain tastes seem to hold […]

American Apparel wants to share with you how much it has objectified the female form in its newest campaign.


Defacing and dehumanizing a woman will always sell the idea of a woman to a woman. Or will it? Additional links below: americanapparelstore NEW STUDY: IT’S BEST TO WEAR DESIGNER LABELS TO FOOL PEOPLE INTO THINKING YOU ARE IMPORTANT ZOOEY DESCHANEL’S FACE IS STRIPPED OF LINES AND WRINKLES IN NEW RIMMEL AD. DOV CHARNEY SUED […]

New study: It’s best to wear designer labels to fool people into thinking you are important.


Shouldn’t you be buying Lacoste and Chanel too? Ever thought wearing designer labels was a pointless exercise in vanity? Well think again. A new study courtesy of Evolution and human behavior (we’re still not sure who funded this study though…) claims that in fact wearing designer labels elicits the perception that your ass is holier […]

Does the new Calvin Klein Advertisement have the F word in it?


Looking for anything that will make us jump out of our collective chair. Pay close attention to the photo above and ask yourself ‘has Calvin Klein once again gone out of his way to bring us a decrepit ad that we ought to be equally weary of and tantalized by? huffingtonpost: CBS New York reports […]

Have you met the unknowledgeable fashionista?


How much do you really know about fashion? The unknowledgeable fashionista is that guy or girl who will forever understand fashion in their own particular way. That said, instead of faulting them, we’ve chosen this time to celebrate them. Shouldn’t you get a jump start in fashion ennui too?

The Victoria’s Secret photoshop miscue.


Why do the fashion houses insist on misrepresenting the truth? No matter how many times we in the media point out the glaring photoshop miscues, and how that betrays the reality of the human body and by extension what is the preferred ideal-  fashion houses continue to give us adulterated depictions. Which begs the ultimate […]