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Solutions to Every Fashion Problem You Have Ever Experienced

Practical Solutions for Every Day Fashion Problems
Practical Solutions for Every Day Fashion Problems. Image via social media.
Practical Solutions for Every Day Fashion Problems
Practical Solutions for Every Day Fashion Problems. Image via social media.

Practical Solutions for Every Day Fashion Problems: How to overcome styling issues, sheer clothes, denim tears, zipper issues, painful heels and even lipstick smearing. 

The following content is highly relatable and may bring back memories of everyday nightmarish fashion struggles, but our intention is not to hurt you – rather provide sustainable fashion solutions. Shop for trendy apparel and use Ebay coupons to avail up to 50% discount, 30% exclusive savings on fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories.

From “what to wear today?”, “Is this too revealing or inappropriate?” and “she has the same dress!” are some common problems that flood our minds every morning. Shop at brands like Old Navy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, J. Crew, H&M, Fashion Nova, etc. to get rid of fashion dilemmas and get stylish apparel, footwear, and accessories at affordable rates. 

Here’s a list of everyday fashion problems and how to overcome them:

    1. Personal style

The real struggle starts with finding something to wear each morning. Put together an easy versatile wardrobe or live with a less-expensive capsule wardrobe that can suit your daily schedule and keep you comfortable all day long.

If you are incapable of wearing certain clothes when your legs or armpits aren’t shaved, you can try stockings, tights, knee socks and wear mini skirts or short dresses in style. Use Old Navy coupons and avail of discounts on t-shirts, pants, shorts, jeans, jackets, etc.

Sheer clothing fashion problems
Practical Solutions to Sheer clothing fashion problems.

    2. Sheer clothing

If you are uncomfortable wearing sheer apparel or think it is inappropriate for certain places, pair dresses in a white slip, wear a bralette inside see-through shirts, and a half-slip inside crochet skirt. Fashion Nova gift sale offers savings on cami and panty set, slides, crop top, etc.

Gaping buttonholes of button-down shirts may feel unsuitable and uncomfortable, but on extending arms the fabric and buttons look like they might explode any second. Try wearing a tank top underneath or cami and leave a few buttons unfastened.

    3. Strapless dresses

Strapless attire demands constant attention and needs to be adjusted several times. So, if you are not ready to struggle to tug your dress, wear a strapless bra with/without removable pads or criss cross the straps to keep your dress from slipping every time.

Another problem is when your off-shoulder dress refuses to cooperate. Wearing a tube bra or easy slip-on bandeau bra provides lift, supports dress, and ensures you stay comfortable throughout. 

    4. Denim tear

Getting perfectly-fitting denim in your favorite brand can be a real struggle since the waist size is not always equated to leg length. Look through a body shape guide and take accurate measurements to find appropriate jeans and rock the magic denim look. 

If you find a favorite pair of jeans, getting a tear on the inner thigh region due to friction or harsh machine wash is an added problem. Use a gentle cycle to wash denim and don’t strain the fabric too much.

    5. Fake pockets

Lack of pockets in denim, fake/faux, or closed-up pockets are merely design elements and keep the slimming silhouette of skinny jeans intact but cause a lot of inconveniences. 

unable to conceal bra, straps slipping
Fashion Problems: unable to conceal bra, straps slipping.

Even if women’s clothes have pockets, they serve decorative purposes, rather than functional. The pockets are so tiny that cannot even accommodate an average-sized phone, other essentials and hence are inaccessible and almost unusable.

    6. Clothes playing peekaboo

Being unable to conceal bra, straps slipping, or repetitively showing up causes you to keep adjusting constantly. Using a bra strap holder is a great option. Similarly, you can use a shirt stay or rubber grip to prevent the shirt from getting untucked. 

Tight skinny jeans look great but may feel uncomfortable and there is no escape to the dreaded panty line. Seamless lingerie, shapewear, textured fabrics can be worn to avoid visible panty line whereas a fitted slip can be worn inside dresses.

    7. Jewelry – apparel friendship

Jewelry snagging in clothes or hair, leaving scratches on the body is real trouble. At times, long earrings get tangled in hair or jumper and gemstone ring get stuck in long-sleeved clothes, leaving fabric strands to remain on the ring. 

Raising your hair while wearing long earrings will elongate your neck and make you look stunning. You can eliminate one part of the earring to avoid it getting stuck in your jumper and hair or wear heavier ones to avoid swaying and tangling.

   8. Zipper troubles

A stuck zipper, fastener sliding open, suddenly breaking, or getting misaligned are common problems that damage outfits or accessories. Fix a broken zipper by using a lubricant to entangle a zipper stuck with fabric or attach a key or paperclip … or it is at your own discretion. Follow this guide to find out more about zippers and how to fix a broken one.

Painful heels solutions
Fashion problems every girl knows about: Solving for painful heels.

At times, threads of clothes or pieces of fabric get stuck causing uneven zipper. Carefully remove the fabric and use pliers to position the zip close to the slider. Apply some lotion or lip balm to grease insides and then slide the zipper. 

   9. Lipstick smearing

Lipstick smudging, getting all over teeth, or fading in some places can cause serious makeup mishaps. Apply lip primers or try blotting to lessen the possibility of lipstick smudging or getting transferred to teeth. 

Similarly, getting hair stuck to lip gloss on a breezy day is not a rare sight. Use less-sticky feeling gloss formula, shining lip lacquer, or natural doe-foot applicator gloss that give a semi-opaque finish to keep lips hair-free on windy days.

   10. Painful heels

Worried about tripping over a maxi dress or skirt – wear heals. But walking in heels can be painful and is a real trouble to recover from when you twist your leg or ankle causing one heel to snap suddenly.

It is true that heels can accentuate the figure and give an illusion of long legs, but wearing high-heeled shoes requires a special sacrifice – causing aches to the foot or entire leg. Try wearing pumps, platforms, and wedges that give a stable surface and support leg.

Whether it is a troublesome zipper, bra strap, or a rip in clothing – now you know how to fix it. So, get fashionable, durable, functional, perfectly-sized, versatile clothes that match your personal style and rock outfits with complete confidence. To redeem savings on online purchases use  Ebay coupons, website/app deals, promotional codes, clearance sales, and claim exclusive perks.