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Just What Is It About . . Gay Men’s Underwear

Gay Men’s Underwear
Gay Men’s Underwear: what exactly is the allure?
 Gay Men’s Underwear
Gay Men’s Underwear: what exactly is the allure? Image via social media.

Gay Men’s Underwear: the clothing item that serves to sensualize, adorn, validate, fascinate wearers and their gentlemen fans as well. 

If there’s one thing (oh, and there are many) that our community gets right…. Its underwear.

This is an area we have got down to a T.

From butt lifting briefs to tight white trunks. From mesh jockstraps showing off the goods to speedos – we know what we like, we know what we don’t like. Years of practice dressing ourselves each day, finding what fits, and what doesn’t, what supports and shows us off in all the right places, and what to completely disregard and never try on again.

The enhancers, tricks, and temporary relief- items to give you that desired lift and visibility you have been looking for like pouch options on your jockstraps that lift your goods to the desired position. What a time to be alive! 

We learn how to dress ourselves in underwear first.

Other Men in Underwear

This is where the fun really starts.

All of a sudden, when it comes to looking at other men in underwear…and specifically gay men’s underwear  . . . .the game gets exciting.

Now the possibilities really are endless.

What is it that we enjoy so much about seeing other guys in underwear? Is it that it’s the same as our own…only not? Or is that it’s appreciating a different kind to our own?

I don’t particularly stare at my own butt in a thong…. But when its another man? Now, that’s a different story.

See that’s just is, that might just be the golden word. 


We have indeed been blessed with the spice of life when it comes to gay mens underwear varieties

How much time have you got?

But what is it about the underwear exactly that gets us going? I mean, let’s be honest . . we all know the real surprise lies within  . . . .  so why don’t we just stare at naked guys?

Why write this blog about the gift wrapping?…. So to speak.

I’ll tell you why . . .  . .


Honestly. That’s all it is.

We are all suckers for suspense in every . . .

 . . . .aspect . . . .

                              ……of life.

Leave more to the imagination

Wanting more is just human nature.

When it comes to enjoying the final surprise. Leaving something to the imagination is necessary. 

We all like to feel that there is more to look forward to in life, that’s just how we are all wired. 

We want to be teased. We want to think…..” but what if . . . ?” We certainly don’t want any spoilers before we get to the final episode.

Having that one piece of clothing still intact also acts as a certain statement of one’s sexual prowess. The thought behind selecting something to enhance your body, to give character.

Gay Men’s Underwear

We, therefore, owe it to ourselves, and gay men everywhere to be dressed only in stylish, comfortable, and visually appealing gay men’s underwear. We don’t want someone predicting our ending before we have even begun to set the scene!

It is, therefore, vital that when the time comes for self-adornment, or indeed, adorning someone else’s body. . . .you shop in the right place.

Take Timoteo, for example, their ranges stretch far and wide. When it comes to gay men’s underwear they have got you sorted. Whether its briefs, jockstraps, jack briefs, slingback jocks, or just those simply boxer briefs why not check them out and see for yourself.