Beyonce and Jay-Z rent out entire zoo for Blue Ivy’s birthday.


Blue Ivy’s birthday was a gas but you weren’t rich enough to attend… Kids it’s time for a birthday party. Not just any birthday party though, but one for Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s little rascal, Blue Ivy Carter who got to celebrate one heck of a birthday party. An entire zoo all to herself. But then again I’m […]

How $12 green juice bottles become the new status symbol.


In an ever increasing need to show one’s prowess and cunning acumen (and by defacto, their desirability) consumers have taken to a new craze which shows them off without having to say too much, $12 bottle juices. Tells the wsj: ‘Just as carrying a Starbucks coffee cup has become a celebrity fashion accessory and a […]

Robert Pattinson now dating Kristen Stewart’s look alike, Riley Keough?


It doesn’t seem twilight fans are too happy these days now that Hollywood dream couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are no longer no more. But what seems to be making fans even more circumspect is the fact that Robert Pattinson is now going out with actress, Riley Keough, who many reckon is a dead […]

Here’s a clip of Kelly Rowland breaking down on stage. Is Beyonce to blame?


Singing heartfelt ballads for those of you in the know can really be gut wrenching stuff, case in point Kelly Rowland who betrayed more than just spent feelings in her recent performance ‘Dirty Laundry,’ which speaks of her travails some wonder with respect to former Destiny’s Child colleague Beyonce. Goes on to tell the huffingtonpost: […]

Beyonce’s animal skin shoes slammed by PETA.

Beyonce's King Bey shoe line

Will you be wearing Beyonce‘s fluffy yummy animal skin shoes too? It seems music artist, Beyonce has caught the ire of animal activist group PETA cause the diva has chosen to bring out a new line of shoes that feature exotic animal skins. The sneaker wedge design, from Perfectly Made Kicks (PMK), is nicknamed the […]

These are sketches of the dress Beyonce wore at Superbowl.

Beyonce Superbowl

Beyonce is also a preferred hawt bixch. As the world embraces the Queen of pop and her heroic performance last night during Superbowl (yes Beyonce is a hero according to the free world and the never jabbering pr media circus) curious minds have begun asking so who designed the svelte number the singer donned last […]

Oh my! Octomom is now set to be a pop star too!

Octomom with Adam Barta who will also be featured on her debut single:

Kids it looks like Octomom is on a roll. Having recently gone from porn masturbator, stripper, and now homeless (well one supposes she and her brood of 14 can now move in with her new hawt bixch Frankie G) Octomom Nadya Suleman is now according to ambitious music executives also now set to become a […]

Beyonce goes back to being a media whore. Launches tumblr.

Beyonce Knowles

  Beyonce launches her wet dream picture catalogue tumblr for your eyes only. Kids just in case you were worried that Beyonce was on an extended hiatus after giving birth to her and Jay-Z hawt bixch’s little Blue Muffin comes the next installment of I will always be on your mind, starring of course Beyonce. […]

Beyonce: “Diva By Default”: Ten Years Later courtesy of Aaliyah.


Exactly ten years ago today, Aaliyah died in 2001 at the height of her fame. At the time, she, not Beyonce, was the burgeoning queen of pop, with movie roles (and critical acclaim to match) already racked up, stellar album sales from hit singles and albums, excellent management, and Hollywood looks and glamor. But tragedy struck […]

Did Beyonce rip off Italian pop star Lorella Cuccerini?


Lorella Cuccerini should have put a copyright on it… According to the Italian pop star, Beyonce‘s highly-praised Billboard Music Awards performance for her new single “Run the World (Girls)” was a complete rip off of one of her own performances in Italy. But this isn’t a case of delusion. With unarguable similarities, Cuccerini had to […]

Beyonce Knowles wants to tell you that things didn’t go down so well for her at last night Met’s Costume Ball.

met gala 6 030511

Isn’t it about time you put on a dress that you can actually walk in? Where’s a bad ass crane when you need one? This is what must have been going through our collective sunshine’s head last night as she was being hosted up a bunch of red stairs at the Met. dlisted: It’s one […]

A Bisexual comes out of the Closet.


I’ve known since the age of nineteen that I could be in relationships with either men or women. Unlike most people, I couldn’t stand on the horizon of adulthood and squint at a hazy picture of what my personal life would look like when I was thirty. Would I be living as a lesbian? As […]