Meredith Powell, math teacher rapes two student boys and sends pictures to a third.

Meredith Powell,

Meredith Powell: Should she be held accountable for raping two children?

Meredith Powell, a 24 year old math teacher has confessed to raping two student boys as well as sending sexualized pictures of herself to another.

Pictures: Meredith Powell math teacher sentenced (only) 6 months after sex with students 

Meredith Powell: Fourth student now accuses math teacher of sex 

The Tacoma, Washington teacher’s shocking admittance comes as charges are being levied against her for performing sex acts with a multitude students, one as young as 15, inside her locked classroom. The teacher is also accused of sending inappropriate images of herself in a bathtub, as well as engaging in sex acts with two other students.

That said, despite her confession, the math teacher at Lincoln High pleaded not guilty on Friday to two of counts of child rape and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes for alleged inappropriate conduct with three students, according to The News Tribune.

The acts came to authorities’ attention after Meredith Powell wrote a letter to one  of the boy’s girlfriends apologizing for ‘promiscuous’ and ‘unprofessional’ drunken text messages she exchanged with one of the boys.

The teacher would come to be arrested on Thursday and placed on unpaid leave.

Police told Meredith Powell began a relationship with the three students – who are between the ages of 15 and sixteen – in January.

Powell allegedly told police the relationships began when she was intoxicated and sent a text to the students, saying they were ‘hot’, following back-and-forth communication.

Yes kids I’m perspiring too.

The math teacher said she apologized to the students the next morning, as well as sending a letter to one of the defendant’s girlfriends in an attempt to explain what happened.

I know kids, that was the seal of death.

After interviewing the victims, who said they had sexual contact with Powell behind a lock door in her classroom, police again interviewed Powell.

She allegedly admitted to engaging in oral sex with one of the students and other sex acts with another at different times in late January.

She also sent at least one of the victims a Snapchat photo of her in the bathtub.

Meredith Powell,

Interestingly the teacher acknowledged her actions were wrong, and that she now sought to apologize to the student’s parents if she could.

Since her arraignment, the teacher has been released from Pierce County Jail under her own recognizance following her first court appearance.

A ‘Free Powell’ page on Facebook that generated 408 likes by 1 pm Saturday.

One student, Tabitha Maxine, wrote on the page that Powell was an excellent teacher and the allegations were ‘bologna’.

‘Miss Powell is such a caring and amazing math teacher, she has so much patience with those that are struggling to learn and she brings so much life and energy into her classroom with her every day,’ 

‘I’m absolutely appalled at the audacity of the student who accused her of such a horrible crime.’

Wrote another: I’m almost sure the students involved were not traumatized considering they could have 

1. Said no and left. 
2. Report it immediately after.

But neither of those happened and it wasn’t even the any of the victims that went forward and reported it, it was the victims girlfriend after getting an apology note from Powell.

Of note Meredith Powell had closed the classroom door behind her. In essence holding the boys captives.

Nevertheless the facebook comment drew this compelling response:

Michelle Hetterle Lindell: She admitted wrongdoing already. Whoever put up this page – you need to do your research on boundary invasion and sexual harassment. It doesn’t matter what the boys *could* have done. It doesn’t matter who reported her actions. She was in a position ofauthority over students – kids! And she crossed the lines. She knew better and she made really bad choices. Trauma response is individual. You have no idea how the consequences of her actions are going to affect the victim(s?) in the future. She’s an embarrassment to the education profession. Another MaryKay LaTerneau.

What do you think kids? Did Meredith Powell cross the boundary and does it really matter that the boys involved didn’t report the incident? Does that make it any less wrong or forgivable? And what is it about female teachers who like to use their authority and position of power of minors? Is that to suggest there might be some lack of self in Ms Powell or just a series of exasperating relationships with other men where she felt disempowered. Or to put it another way, had she been a 24 year old male math teacher performing oral sex on 3 female students would we all be rushing to like the Free Powell page?

It is understood Meredith Powell first began teaching in Tacoma in 2012.

Meredith Powell,


  • terafied

    I think her friends are in serious denial.

  • AimRich

    Ha ha. Closing the door behind her means she was holding them captive? You tell me which you’d be more comfortable with: a BJ with an open door to a hallway, or a BJ with the door closed. Come on…

  • 7765

    getting fired stupid? yes going to prison criminal? no

  • Guest

    What I think is that somebody needs to be editing these articles.

  • Dead_C


    I think is that somebody needs to be editing and proof reading these articles

  • kookykev312


  • kookykev312

    please elaborate.

  • Dead_C

    Seriously? Okay… Well… it’s wrought with grammatical errors and misinformation. By “child rape” they mean statutory rape, which has a different connotation than simply “rape” as the headline implies. Then there’s the sentence that includes “performing sex acts with a multitude students” which should be “a multitude of students” (the word “of” is missing) and, even if that was corrected, how does two equal a “multitude”?

    The next paragraph is a total disaster. The one after that says “one of the boys” in the middle of the sentence and ends with “one of the boys” again, at the end. And, in one of those instances states ” …to one of the boy’s girlfriends..,” so, beyond the extra space, it should also be “girlfriend,” not plural. Only one of them had one.

    How about this sentence “Police told Meredith Powell began a relationship with the three students
    – who are between the ages of 15 and sixteen – in January.”? Is that supposed to be that police “were” told, or that police told “the media that…”? Also, the oldest boy is 17, so the information isn’t even accurate and it shouldn’t be that she began “a relationship with the three students,” it should be “relationships.”

    Then it says that she told police (let’s forget about the lack of commas in this section) that the “relationships began when she was intoxicated and sent a text to the students, saying they were ‘hot’, following back-and-forth communication.” She told one of the students that they were “hot” and it was followed by the back-and-forth communication, not the other way around. The communication followed the text, which is why this sentence itself was actually started by specifically stating that was how the communication began. It contradicts itself.

    Then there’s this, “The math teacher said she apologized to the students the next morning,
    as well as sending a letter to one of the defendant’s girlfriends in an
    attempt to explain what happened.” How does that work? Powell IS the defendant.

    “behind a lock door” should be “locked” door. And that’s just in the very first section. Somehow, it’s both redundant and conflicting.

    “Interestingly the teacher acknowledged her actions were wrong, and that
    she now sought to apologize to the student’s parents if she could.” No comma after “interestingly” and this sentence, as it’s currently structured, states that she “acknowledged that she “sought to apologize,” which is just a bit awkward.

    “Since her arraignment, the teacher has been released from Pierce County Jail under her own recognizance following her first court appearance.” That should just say that “After” her arraignment she was released, because the arraignment IS her first court appearance. That’s what an arraignment is; it’s where she enters a plea and they inform her of what the charges are. This sentence implies either that her arraignment was after her first court appearance, or that she was released after her first court appearance “following” the arraignment, due to the poor wording.

    “A ‘Free Powell’ page on Facebook that generated 408 likes by 1 pm Saturday” isn’t even a full sentence. It’s only a sentence fragment (no predicate) unless the word “that” is removed.

    I’m not even going to go any further with this, because the rest of the article is equally disasterous. It looks like random pieces were just cut and pasted in here, with no real effort to assemble the thoughts into any cohesive format, and without any effort to verify details or streamline the text. When you’re writing about “rape” allegations that both involve somebody’s public image, credibility, and future being on trial, as well as under-aged victims, who are directly affected by being in the public eye and coping with the effects of the case, it’s offensive to be this careless and reckless with information. These kids are going to be messed up for life, both from the actual incidences that took place, as well as the court case, media coverage, and being ostracized by their peers. Either stop playing journalist, or pull your shit together. This doesn’t really seem to be about delivering accurate, insightful information to the public, as much as it seems to be about trying to pull traffic under the guise of a legitimate news source with minimal effort. It’s not even that no fact-checking was done, parts of this post aren’t even consistent with statements in other parts of it.

    Hopefully, that’s elaborate enough of an explanation about why I felt this could use some editing and proof reading. I didn’t bother to specify too much, initially, since just about everything in this “article” is flawed. They should have more respect for how they present themselves and represent their site, as much as they should have more respect for their readers than to present such a jumbled wreck, and for the subjects that they are writing about. This is an ill-written, ill-informed piece of half-assery.

  • Dead_C

    That’s what I’m saying.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    When those kids hit 24 they will fuck 15 year old girls. Way to go teach.

  • kookykev312

    I appreciate the thought and your proficient grammatics?That probably wrong but youve still failed to explain anything beyond that.Im sure an english teacher would have done much better in the writing,but how much does it affect the story??Im actually going to try and rewrite with your correction and c if feel differently.

  • VisualInsanity

    They’re not calling it rape so why are you saying this?

  • VisualInsanity

    You no idea what that means.

  • kookykev312

    feel free to give me your correct definition

  • kookykev312

    So as a 20 something man/teacher all that should happen is I am fired for having sexual relations with (lets say 1) of my 14 yr old students.?!If i had a boy or girl i wouldnt find that sufficient

  • kookykev312

    WTF are u talking about?!Bj,s and or slurping some 14 yr old vag is better when the teacher leaves the door open??acceptable maybe even?u r whack

  • VisualInsanity

    Pedophile is sexual attraction to biological children(pre-puberty).

  • VisualInsanity

    The age of consent is 16 in most states and countries.

  • kookykev312

    Correct,but generally used when both are minors or very close in age.As a 40 something year old man,a 16 year old cannot consent.Being a teacher should double the penalty.

  • kookykev312

    splitting hairs,but ok,so mid-puberty kids are ok 4 teachers to have sex with?Is there a term for “sexual attraction to biological children(mid-puberty)?

  • VisualInsanity

    No it isn’t, did you do any research at all? Once you reached the age of consent you can have sex with a senior way over that age. Research the law of each state and it will tell you this. Most countries don’t even have a close in age rule.16 year olds can drive and get themselves killed along with other. Saying that they can’t have sex with 40 year old would be idiotic.

  • Kita black’pearl Mc

    This is why I am against guns in schools. Teachers are already rapping and beating our kods. Don’t get me wrong I love my gun rights but these teaches and pastors make you think twice about having them in schools.

  • VisualInsanity

    You are no longer a biological child once you reached. This is considered normal by sexologist and 15 is around where puberty ends.

  • kookykev312

    Great reply GUEST!that takes some B***,s

  • kookykev312

    Sometimes adults use adult words.I guess it should be OK to hit someones 16 year daughter (or son) Its legal according to
    VisualInsanity so that means its OK?Nobody is brave enough to test this theory state to state.Exceptions in the law are allowed 4 very specific circumstances.Age of consent doesnt mean u can freely b*** anyone over that age.period.If its your thing make sure theyre 21,not a state in the union can object

  • kookykev312

    I apologize for anything offensive to you.Its just a subject that im somewhat passsionate about,but i never mean to offend.Other than my language what r your thoughts?

  • kookykev312

    So your experts agree,puberty happens in an instant?

  • mda

    Oh please. It’s every 15-16 y old boy’s dream come true. Rape? Laugh out loud. Only an idiot could believe that. Paedophilia? Laugh out louder. They are not children, and she isn’t even a lot older than them. The only problem would be the teacher – student relationship. She should get fired, probably prohibited from teaching again, but prison?? Damn, what an idiotic world we are living in…

  • VisualInsanity

    No, I mean they consider the attraction normal.

  • kookykev312

    ill concede,attraction normal.acting on is another matter.beyond that being a person in power or influence makes it More of a crime to me.Gender shouldnt even be an issue.

  • VisualInsanity

    Even acting on it isn’t a big deal. Look at the reversal.

    “Two studies have investigated the association between age difference and aspects of females’ sexual debut. Abma and colleagues used 1995 NSFG data to examine partner age difference in the context of measuring “wantedness” of first intercourse. Their findings suggested that wantedness is inversely related to the age difference between a young woman and her partner, and that it may be related to her limited control over the situation.6 Furthermore, Leitenberg and Saltzman found that among females who had had first sexual intercourse at ages 11-12, those who had a partner five or more years their senior had an elevated risk of attempted suicide, substance abuse and pregnancy. Among females who had had first intercourse between the ages of 13 and 15, having older partners was associated only with truancy. In contrast, among females whose age at first intercourse was 16-18, having older partners was not linked to these negative outcomes. Thus, adverse effects of partner age difference may lessen as females mature.7″

    Only truancy and that probably has nothing to do with the sex, but rather that bad girls like fooling with older guys.

  • VisualInsanity

    Forgot to post the link.

    Forgot to post the link.

    I think she should just be fired.

  • kookykev312

    Im not for the double standard.A grown man 25 sleeps with his 16 yr old student(male or female).Lets say she wanted it,doesnt matter hes facing prison time

  • kookykev312

    So a 15 year old girls dreamboat teacher is ok to have sex with?

  • VisualInsanity
  • kookykev312
  • VisualInsanity

    The average rapist serves 5 years in prison on average.

    So those sentences should be pretty rare considering that they are far lesser crimes. So those cases with male teachers might have A)involved coercion or B) their judges were jackasses.

  • kookykev312

    Its very hard to dissuade you from an opionion youve already formed.So,what would the legal age a male can have sex with his teachers?and conversely what would the legal age be for a female to have sex with her teacher?Youve demonstrated them to be very different crimes(actions in your thought)im curious.

  • Virtual_Insanity

    I don’t approve of teachers having sex with students. Just that criminalizing it going too far and teacher should just get fired.

  • kookykev312

    I cant believe im still trying this,for now forget about teachers.what would the legal age a male can have sex with a legal adult?and conversely what would the legal age be for a female to have sex with a legal adult?In your opinion.?

  • Virtual_Insanity

    16, but 13-15 should be considered a grey area where a jury decides if the relationship is an exploitative one or not.

  • kookykev312

    Fair enough.I still disagree with u abit about the age abit.The 16 yr old part,but I cant condone ANY 13-15 yr old having sex with an adult.They dont have the life experience yet to even really know what they want and can easily be coherced into doing many a things.I guess i just have to agree to disagree.

  • Virtual_Insanity

    The reason I think it should be a grey area is because there are time when a person has sex with a minor without know their true age. Also, males involved in these relationships don’t have a problem with it most of the time.

  • kookykev312

    I really wanted to end this discussion because its obvious Theres no convincing u sex with underage people is wrong(nor criminal in your mind).And again you mention “males involved in these relationships don’t have a problem with it “Let me guess,you speak of the underage males,or the adults?”ridiculous,and then you say the teacher should just be fired?nothing criminal?So a 30 yr old fast food worker should just be fired for having sex with children?what about a banker,truck driver,etc.Just fire them?nothing criminal?End of my discussion.

  • Virtual_Insanity

    Funny how you ask me several question and then say the discussion is over? lol I’ll just say that they are not children in a scientific sense.

    “a. A person between birth and puberty.”

  • karensurabian

    Where the hell did this hideously ugly poor excuse.for a human being get her teaching certificate? Perhaps a box of captain crunch?
    Seriously though, does anyone know where she college?

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