Has Justin Bieber split from Selena Gomez? Seen going out with Victoria’s Secret model…

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin. Justin performed during the Nov. 7 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC, where VS model Barbara Palvin walked the runway. Backstage, the two were photographed together. One day later, Justin went to see ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway where Barbara happened to be as well....

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And these were the hawt bixches that turned up to Victoria’s Secret after party…

Justin Bieber couldn’t resist eye balling all those Victoria’s Secret models…

Video: Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2012 leads to Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Alexandra Ambrosio shining.

Justin Bieber would like to thank Leonardo DiCaprio for giving him permission to date his ex and future Victoria’s Secret model girlfriends.

Seems like Justin Bieber has got a thing for supermodels (but then again that bixch is loaded, no longer has pimples and drives an armored sports car) as reports are starting to fly that our Biebs has been seen suspiciously paying a lot of attention to some of the Victoria’s Secret models with long term girlfriend Selena Gomez strangely out of sight. Sort of.

According to hollywoodlife there might be something going on between the Biebs and Hungarian born model, Barbara Palvin who walked at the Victoria’s Secret show the other night:

hollywoodlife: But now it appears that Justin struck up a particular “friendship” with stunning Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin, 19. Justin & Barbara Spend Time Together In New York City The pair were photographed looking friendly together at the show and Barbara posted it on her Twitter page. She also was pictured in a Twitter photo, originally posted by Lil’ Twist, standing between Justin and Lil’ Twist. But the pictures didn’t stop there. Barbara appears to have made a good impression on Justin’s manager Scooter Braun and best friend Alfredo Flores, which she tweeted.

Of course this shit could just all be innocent sweet fun and games but then again it just might not either.

Justin Bieber, Barbara Palvin and Lil' Twist.

Justin Bieber, Barbara Palvin and Lil' Twist. Via twiter.

Things got a little weirder as well when Selena Gomez then tweeted the above picture featuring the Biebs, and his pal Lil’Twist. But if you look closely the bixch in the background happens to be Barbara Palvin. Which makes you wonder, did Selena miss this? Or did she purposefully tweet this shit to keep us all thinking that they’re an item or even better did she tweet the above image with the interesting message of  ‘…’ to basically let the Biebs know his ass is about to be fired cause she’s finally worked out there’s somethign shifty going on….?

In fact even hollywoodlife noticed something was askew:

While it could all very well be innocent, it was strange that Justin’s friend Lil’ Twist quickly deleted the photo of he, Justin and Barbara together after tweeting it. He had tweeted, ”Twizzy. @JustinBieber. barbarapalvin.”

Talking of Barbara Palvin, it’s no secret she has little love for Selena after her little rant in the below youtube video (cue in at the 3.30 min mark) which probably made its way to Selena courtesy of snooping irate fans… the video first came out mid December of last year.

Of course it gets even more interesting when you factor in the following:

One day after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in which Justin sang at and Barbara starred in, Justin went to see ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway where guess who happened to be there as well….yes Barbara Palvin. Kids tell me that Selena isn’t about to wring Justin’s neck in any second now?

In fact Barbara event went so far to tweet the following below which you can bet your tomorrow night’s drinking money, Selena was all over (yes you know Selena is sitting home right now sharpening her ‘I hate Barbara’ switch blade) :

 “Lion king ! ❤.”

Then thinking better of that shit (cause you know Justin called her up and told her to take that shit off asp) Barbara then instead twitted the following when the buzz was on that she and the Biebs might be swapping saliva juice (I know I’m getting kind of dizzy too…):

“hey everyone. please calm down. he is all yours!! :) please :)”

Adding mystery to Bieb’s love life is a report courtesy of page 6 where the Biebs was busy trying to get phone numbers at the Victoria’s Secret after party the other night as well. Having at one stage gotten very comfortable with Victoria’s Secret model new comer,the UK’s Cara Delevigne who got giddy being next to the Biebs and started twitting pictures of her and him looking shiny and shit.

Either way, the Biebs looks to be having a wonderful future ahead of him dating Victoria’s Secret supermodels, something that Leonardo DiCaprio may or may not approve of (they’ll probably have to start flicking coins head or tails as to who gets to share what), whilst Selena Gomez will be sure to be watching this shit play out with aghast….

Justin Bieber and Cara Delevigne

Justin Bieber and Cara Delevigne. via twitter.


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