Home Scandal and Gossip Justin Bieber’s model girlfriend Barbara Palvin already has a boyfriend.

Justin Bieber’s model girlfriend Barbara Palvin already has a boyfriend.

Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai.
Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai. Via twitter.
Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai.
Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai. Via twitter.

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It looks like Justin Bieber‘s model gal pal Barbara Palvin backed off quick fast after fans began pulverizing her this weekend, outraged and in disbelief that she could have gotten in the way of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s love affair.

Nonetheless it appears 19 year old Barbara Palvin was never in the hunt in the first place when she tweeted to nervous Bieber and Selena fans that she wasn’t looking to go after Justin and that in fact she already has a boyfriend thank you very much.

Tweeted Barbara Palvin:  ‘hey everyone, please calm down. he is all yours!! :) please’

But as the outrage continued a ruffled Barbara found herself having to go back on twitter again to calm the Beliebers: “Last time im saying it. please calm down.there is nothing going on w him.i met him and did a pic w him. wouldnt u do the same?:)”

And in case Bieber fans want proof that Barbara wasn’t after Justin there’s the news she’s happily involved with her long term boyfriend Kristof Somfai who hails from Bulgaria.

Reports fandaily: Kristof Somfai also from Budapest, Bulgaria has been dating the sexy Victoria’s Secret model for quite some time, some rumored they have broken up but it was Palvin who denied the split and said they were still pretty much together and loving each moment they have together.

As for Kristof Somfai’s iography I can tell you that this baby-blue-eye Bulgarian recently graduated from the Szinyei Merse Pal Gimnazioun in Budapest and just enrolled at the IBS that stands  for International Business School of Budapest. he has one sister Dora Somfai.

Of course Bieber fans might be worried that Barbara might try to make another try for their Bieber given the supposed on and off nature of Barbara’s love affair with Kristof.

For more pictures of Barbara and Kristoff click on fandaily’s link above.

Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai.
Barbara Palvin and Kristof Somfai. Via twitter.
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    LOL you guys suck at european geography.

  • lol!! justin i guess nw u shud’ve to find an other one whoes perfect for u!! i dont think that barbara is perfect for u!!

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    I want to ask you to send me the twitter link where you find the second picture. In other case i must to please you to delete the picture.

  • vágtázó halottkém

    Hey guys! Barbara and Kristóf are together since 2010, for almost 2 years, and they did not split up! They are Hungarians not Bulgarians, and they live in Budapest, which town is the capitol of Hungary, in Hungarian Magyarország! Barbara’s just taken a picture and that’s all!

  • qwe123
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    BUDAPEST IS IN HUNGARY! and this is the ugly truth, you dont have to delete my comment…you have to understand, tha you are illiterate or you cant use google

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    hey you! Budapest is the capitol of HUNGARY! SO they are hungarian! Before you write a post ,you should look after a few basic things….

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    I believe you are quite correct 🙂 thnk u.

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    F.Y.I. Budapest is in Hungary! 😉