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Lea May photos: LegendaryLea gamer girl banned after crotch shot

LegendaryLea gamer girl banned
LegendaryLea gamer girl
Pictured Leah May aka LegendaryLea gamer girl. Image via screen shot.

LegendaryLea gamer girl banned after vagina shot: Was a recent blooper really accidental or par for the course for a rising social media star?

Lea May a popular female video gamer who’s risen to fame under the handle LegendaryLea has provoked controversy after flashing her vagina ‘accidentally’ during a live broadcast.

The incident led to Lea May being banned from website Twitch after a flurry of complaints over what many deemed the California’s risqué blooper.

The incident came after the voyeur who has a following well into the hundreds of thousands was webcasting a live stream of her playing games to her thousands of fans under the name LegendaryLea.

It was whilst playing ‘Dark Souls’ (do you suppose …?) and standing up from her sofa, that Leah May lifted her leg and exposed herself (see video below).

Despite the pouring of outrage from fans, the San Diego gamer took to twitter defending the ‘accidental’ slip up.

Tweeted the LegendaryLea gamer girl: For the record Thighs [do not] equal vag.

‘Sorry I had to stand in an awkward way due to my ankle injury. Boy shorts were underneath.

‘I have an injured ankle and lost my balance standing.

‘My revealing leg lift was to catch myself from falling.’

LegendaryLea gamer girl

The incident led to Twitch banning the gamer star with a 30-day ban following a raft of complaints about the incident, with the social media outlet telling: ‘The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.’

Yet not everyone thinks the incident was purely accidental, with some users accusing Lea of staging the ‘accident’ for attention.

Told one follower: ‘I understand it’s a business and all, so the flirty and flashy stuff is whatever, but Lea has gone too far.’

However, Lea’s army of adoring fans leaped to her defense.

Wrote a fellow gamer: ‘You tell him Lea. Everyone should focus on high quality gameplay like you instead.’

While another said: ‘Hang in there and remember you are never alone. I know people say mean things but none are true about you. You are awesome.’

Lea has more than 100,000 followers on her Twitter account @LegendaryLeahTV. Will you be joining her new legion of fans too? Leah May may be hoping so…

Of particular note, a report via dailystar tells of Lea May’s recent twitch ban not being the only occasion when the streamer flashed fans as the below image attests to.

Isn’t it up you became your own ‘accidental’ gamer star too?

LegendaryLea gamer girl

LegendaryLea gamer girl

LegendaryLea gamer girl

LegendaryLea gamer girl

LegendaryLea gamer girl