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Hooray! Rachel Canning graduates. Tweets: ‘Cops are such a**holes…’

Rachel Canning graduates
Rachel Canning is also a preferred hawt bixch. Rachel (left) and friend.

It seems as if our collective heroine Rachel Canning is on to bigger and brighter things as her imminent independence heralds her way. This after her recent high school graduation which shows the spritely teenager and holder of a Western New England University $56K scholarship letting the world who really knows better after all…

Rachel Canning parties with boyfriend and grog. Life is good.

Rachel Canning lands $56 000 scholarship. But tuition is only $32 000.

Rachel Canning back home. Will she drop the suit?

Rachel Canning moves back in with parents. But will she last? 

The former Morris Catholic High School cheerleader first entered the public’s conscious after she decided to take her parents to court after giving her the ultimatum that either she follows their rules or gets out. Naturally Rachel Canning chose to get out whilst also insisting her parents still finance her very merry ways. An eye sore that had many parents the world chaffing at the knee.

Nevertheless after a merry go round appearance in Judge Peter Bogaard’s courtroom, Rachel Canning came to her senses as she hightailed it back home after her sponsor, legal honcho, John Inglesino and aspiring politician found himself in a no win position.

But this is Rachel Canning’s life. No sooner had the mortified teen moved back home, the heavens came to whisper in her ear that she had been awarded a $56K scholarship, essentially guaranteeing our collective heroine who by now had a penchant for the good shit and a hard on for her on and off boyfriend Lucas Kitzmiller and who got to get to have her cake and eat it too.

And it seems the party only keeps getting bigger and brighter for Rachel Canning as her latest graduation photos attest to the knowledge that spunk, gusto and a sharp mind can after all get you very far.

Rachel Canning graduates
Quite the proud day for Rachel and friends…

Rachel Canning graduates

Rachel’s recent graduation had her tweeting the following: ‘I wanna be drunk when I wake up On the right side of the wrong bed.’

Probably feeling buoyant after graduation, Rachel Canning then came to tweet this interesting post. Interesting in that her father, Sean Canning is a former chief of police.

‘The majority of cops are such a**holes,’

But never mind, soon Rachel Canning will get to find out for herself how much of an asshole life can really be once she moves out of home and makes way on her own terms. Then again she does have a $56K head start and assuming she runs out at some point she can always call upon her dad, a policeman and ask him to cough up some drinking and party money. Then again if and when that shit happens, Rachel Canning will probably be the next associate editor over at Hearst or a NY Post lackey, no doubt the society gals will love her there.

Rachel Canning graduates

Rachel Canning graduates

Rachel Canning graduates

Rachel Canning got drunk and vomited in John Inglesino’s garbage bin.

Lucas Kitzmiller, Rachel Canning boyfriend: ‘She’s bad news!’ 

Why is lawyer John Inglesino really backing Rachel Canning? 

Why Rachel Canning court case is good news for parents. 

Judge denies Rachel Canning financial support. ‘Such gross disrespect!’ 

Rachel Canning torn apart by twitter

 Rachel Canning bulimic: ‘Daddy used to get me drunk and kiss me.’ 

Rachel Canning sues her parents. ‘Dump your boyfriend or move out!’ 

Rachel Canning pictures. Who is this brat suing her parents? 

Rachel Canning, 18 year old student sues parents for support after they kick her out. 

Rachel Canning graduates
Rachel and Lucas
Rachel Canning graduates
College promises to be a world wind affair ….