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Rachel Canning pictures. Who is this brat suing her parents?

Rachel Canning pictures
Has Rachel Canning overstepped her boundaries or will the law side with her? Court proceedings begin this morning…

Making media headlines is the story of what the internet has widely interpreted to be that of a spoiled NJ teenager, honors student Rachel Canning who has taken to suing her parents for unpaid school tuition at her private Catholic school and university fees.

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What makes the story of note is that the young woman purportedly moved out of her parent’s home of her own free will (perhaps she was given an ultimatum?) upon turning 18, November 1, 2013 when her father Sean Canning told her if she refused to live under the house rules she ought to fend for her own. Which she has. Sort of.

Except Rachel Canning is finding the going tough now that she has sought to assert her independence and has now sought to legally mandate that her parents finance her outstanding high school fees ($5,306) at pricey private school Morris Catholic in New Jersey as well as the cost of tuition to a private college.

Offered the girl’s father, Sean Canning, a retired NJ police chief: ‘I know Rachel is A. a good kid and B. an incredibly rebellious teen, and she’s getting some terrible information.’

Rachel Canning pictures

The father to date claims his daughter ran away because she didn’t want to follow house rules.

‘It is very few rules,’ Sean Canning told ‘There are minor chores, curfews. When I say curfew it is after 11 o’clock at night.’

Canning  reiterates like many other American households, his household has rules. But he says Rachel chose to leave home in a dispute over curfews and chores.

Since leaving home, the teenager is living in Rockaway, New Jersey with the family of John Inglesino, a well known community attorney. Interestingly the attorney has already funded $12,597 in legal expenses for Rachel Canning.

‘Rachel is likable, communicates exceptionally well and is highly motivated to attend and excel at a college appropriate for her. That is why my wife and I have decided to fund this lawsuit. We know that if Mr. and Mrs. Canning are not required to fulfil their legal obligations as parents, that Rachel’s ability to fulfil her potential will be greatly diminished,’ Inglesino wrote in filed court papers.

Rachel Canning pictures

RachelCanning’s suit demands that her parents pay her college tuition and expenses, transportation costs, cover her current high school tuition and even pay her legal fees.

Her attorney’s argument that these are all reasonable demands border on the presumption that the teen who seeks to study biomedical engineering, will be a student.

The court hearing Tuesday will be the first time Sean Canning will see his daughter since October of last year.

Both sides will be in court this morning. Rachel Canning wants the court not to emancipate her because under the law a parent has an obligation support their children if they can’t stand on their own financially.

And then there’s this food for thought via the DailyRecord: ….just because a child turns 18 does not automatically mean NJ parents can stop financial supporting him/her. A family law attorney, Sheldon Simon, said, “A child is not emancipated until they’re on their own. Even if a child and the parents don’t get along, that doesn’t relieve the parents of their responsibility.”

What do you think? Has Rachel Canning gone way over her head?

Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures


Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures

Rachel Canning pictures




  1. How about the fact that the scumbag lawyer she’s living with and who’s paying for the lawsuit had liqour parties for 15 year olds??? That’s fine by you

  2. not everyone is fatherless spawn of ghetto or illegal trash..the perks that come with working hard to support your family include parents that PROVIDE not taxpayers!

  3. I’m sure she’s good at lying, spoiled witches like her are good at demonizing their parents. Sounds like the parents cared for her, otherwise her ass would be attending a free public school. She just wants to cash in on her own parents so she made up a bunch of lies, did you live under their roof to know that for a fact? you are the ignorant here, probably because you are her age and your parents also suck, right? you also have that poor me little victim idea.

  4. Yeah she will have to find some sucker with money, the higher education she wanted is not going to take her anywhere now. Her scummy lawyer made sure of that, what an idiot she is by not realizing that the guy has ulterior motives. He just wants to cash in on future lawsuits from kids to parents.

  5. Maybe she will be in the sequel of Jersey Shore, “The Spoiled Bitches of New Jersey”

  6. People like her should have been aborted by her mom, would be nice to look into the future and see the crap you are bringing into the world.

  7. to all u ignorant ducchbags that see the SIMPLE scenario…look up abuse and how victims react…getting your daughter shitt-facedd is not NORMAL nor being very touchy-feely and bANNING ALL BOYFRIENDS! theres more here than what you simpletons hang on to!

  8. #richgirlproblems

    by the look of her clothes her parents have been dropping at least 200 a week on clothes for the brat. .

  9. I feel sorry for the parents. Its tough to raise them, only to have them turn out spoiled. But I really feel sorry for whoever she marries. Guys beware, she has shown her cards and they are not pretty. Leopards don’t change their spots. That gamble won’t be worth it ever…..

  10. irenex. Porn is all she’s good for, and she’d be mediocre at best. What is is disgusting is that so many people, like you, can not read. She is NOT a kid anymore.

  11. I know LOL! Then she could stay until she’s like 50 because she can’t support her self since no one likes her.

  12. Inglesino is her worst enemy because he doesn’t realize this is a PR
    disaster for her. If and when she goes to land that job, most employers
    will pick someone else over her if they have a choice. I wouldn’t hire
    this brat because her bad attitude would trickle down to how work at my
    company is done. She’d always feel entitled to perhaps break company
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  13. she’s probably heard “my little princess” a bit too often.

    Now she thinks she’s a princess

  14. OMG, OMG why is this even going to court, how ridiculous, her parents are not obligated to pay for anything, welcome to the real world buttercup, sad part is the parents probably created this monster by spoiling her all her life…..You reap what you sow…….

  15. Where does it say that you are finically responsible for your child for the rest of their lazy ass life.
    18 OR not you live under my roof you abide by my rules you move out you are on your own. If the courts agree with her kids will do what they want as most do any way. Think the sleazy Lawyer has more up his sleeve than helping her .

  16. Well, time for this self-loving chick to grow up and face consequences for her actions. If you don’t want to obey by house rules, you will have to go. I would have done the same with my kids, without any remorse. Good-bye Rachel, and have a wonderful life !

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